Hello lovely people , in my Monday Chit-Chat I mentioned going to the So Fresh Neighbourhood Market store in Ikoyi…you see, me I’m trying to make healthy choices with my food before Christmas comes. So if you want to lose some weight before you pile up more during the holidays, now is the time. LOL. That’s how my brain works because I know there’s no how I’m going to let Christmas food waste, instead of food to waste make belle burst.

Ok, I’m serious now. I want to start eating healthy, so you can imagine how happy I was to walk into the store filled with fresh fruits , healthy cereal, healthy food products, smoothies, fresh juices etc. So Fresh Neighborhood Market is all about : Juices, Smoothies & Salads | Whole Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, Spices, Roots, Oils & Extracts | Fruit Trees, Fruit Bouquets & Fruit Baskets | Natural Foods, Organic Foods, Gluten-Free Foods & Other Healthy Grocery.


They had  a small section where you can have a seat, which is where we sat.

AVO TUNA SALAD - The portion is very sufficient and believe me, it will fill you up. we had a salad, it was nice to look at but I’m not a salad person, in fact I hardly take fruits, Bobo was all geared and good to go.I mixed in Italian dressing, thousand island and French dressing in just that one plate, too yummy. The salad was Tuna & Avocado on a bed of lettuce, cabbage, Carrot, Cucumber, Tomatoes, Onion, Sweet pepper, Sweet corn & beetroot. The cost of this is N1400
Mixed in all 4 dressings
Italian Salad Dressing

SNOW WHITE - Sour-sop, Pineapple and apple Smoothie

I have not had soursop in a while but I love it. One of my favourite juices is by Rubicon and it's called Guanabana (sour sop juice) so that encouraged me to have this smoothie mix. I liked it, it was very thick and in itself was filling even if I wasn't having the salad. This cost N1000 only

 - Strawberry, Pineapple n Banana Smoothie
This was Bobo's smoothie, he's not a fan of thick smoothies and jucies like me. He really liked the Beryy swirl...I had a taste too and I almost couldn't decide if I wanted mine or his but he sharply grabbed his smoothie. The cost of this is N1200


We bought  honey and ginger tea (Bobo bought that one), I got a pack each of fresh dried fruits all from ReelFruits. I've been snacking on these all week. Not everytime chin-chin, sometimes dried pineapple and mango! I also tried Pistachios for the first tasted somewhat like cashew nuts with sweet chilli. Try that!

So Fresh Market also does; Salads & Platters , Fruit bouquets &Fruit trees, Fruit Baskets & Hampers

So Fresh Neighbourhood Market
92. Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos
012912338, 08062868430


  1. Love their arrangements! Amazingly creative!

  2. Ah! I totally love this store, they used to be closer to me when they were at Ikeja. I miss them. They've got great customer service too. Its a very good store, one of the best health food stores in Lagos, trust me i have been to many. Thumbs of Sisiyemi! please visit my weight loss and wellness blog on

    1. I've missed your weight loss news letter, haven't received your mail in a while. Hope you're good dear. Keep doing the good work we are following you. Cheers.

  3. Its a great store sisi...I go dere like every oda day cos its close to my place of work on awolowo road...that Tuna salad is to die for...but I always v to share...cos I cant finish it...havent tried their smoothies yet...but with dis ur review am definitely trying it out...thanks...n v a great weekend

  4. Why don't we have all these on the mainland nauuuuuuuu

  5. You know are awesomeee for letting me know about this..muahhh

  6. It is really great, it is a pitty that I live really far from Lagos... Anyway we can read about food in ladynaija web page for woman.


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