Typically my skin is very well behaved, I never really had an episode of acne in my teenage years and I don't see the reason why I should now. Why is this happening to me? My mom and sisters have acne free faces! Bobo says its all this shokolokobangoshe I put on my face i.e make up, cleansers... " just use soap, water and baby cream, you'll be fine" he says... I did, but it still didn't work out.

Lately I have figured out 7 reasons my face breaks out and if I do check it all and there's no remedy that's when I'll really freak out:

It's just hormones. It could be that time of the month...for me the pimples varies then. It's usually 2 humongous boil-like pimples on my face, one typically on my forehead, and the other somewhere above my lip. It is always so painful! How does one get rid of hormone induced pimple?

How long do you have to use make up brushes before washing? I've gone 2 weeks before without washing, and I've even gone months without washing my brushes or powder puffs, sponges. My face suffered. Just imagine the dirt in those brushes...I'd advise wash once a week. 

Back when my hair was relaxed, anytime I had new growth, I would break out seriously. Now I'm natural it still happens and I understand why. It's simply dirty hair. Whenever my hair is dirty I break out. Does that happen to you?

Dirty pillows are the culprits. Dirt, oil, hair products and your own skin’s oils can transfer onto pillows and then your skin reacts badly to it. If you don't change your bed sheets and pillow case often, you will break out (if you're like me). Dirty towels too, wash often.

When I am stressed out, you can read it on my face because different sizes of pimples will just be showing themselves anyhow. If I am stressed out already, seeing acne on my face stresses me out even more! It's a vicious circle! I've not found a solution for this...simple de-stressing is not easy. 

I am very wary to try out new products no matter how wonderful it claims to be. I definitely need to do more research into the kind of ingredients that actually cause me to break out but I've had no time for that yet. What I do know is that often when I switch my beauty routine or add a new product, I'm in trouble...the pimples pop out like popcorn! This is why I get very upset when  a product i'm used to is out of stock or discontinued. 

Seriously, if I have clean sheets, clean makeup brushes, clean towels, good products, no stress, calm hormones and I'm still breaking out, who do I blame it on?

Some of you are lucky, you have skin as smooth as a baby's bum whether you take care of it or not...


  1. Thanks Sisi for the Tips, will surely show this to my sisters so they can work on it, thanks once more!

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  2. hahahahahah...@the devil all the reasons you listed are correct and even many more,such as foods,sweat etc and those people with smooth skin damn i envy them,funny enough they don't use products that much (maybe just a random face wash).At a point in time i had rash like pimple all over my face for a while it was a battle to get them out.

  3. I experience this whenevr my pillowcase is dirty. the best thing i do is place my blanket on d pillow at night. I've learnt that you could get a differnt face towel to mop your face, avoid rubbing or scrubing towel on your face, a dab would help. From some beauty blos, i've learnt that you should have an hanky or towel placed on your pillow whenever you want to sleep(ensure its always clean). I hope this would help.
    As for trying out new beauty products, it doesn't react on me.


  4. lol.. bfor nko? no b devil we dey all blame.."shokolokobangoshe" wat does dis mean?

  5. For me it's always my hormones or when I change products. Then one time i remember when i just cut my hair recently, and i was using so much products, despite my satin hair bonnet, my pillow suffered and so did my face.


  6. This is so true. Even the devil has to take part of the blame, lol.


  7. Great tips. The devil is to be blamed atimes though. Thanks for writing.

  8. I'm suffering the same. All my life no pimples and just when I'm comfortably in my 20's thinking I have passed the danger zone, waaaaa! Pimples on both cheeks, even leaving spots. I've figured it out now and they're going away, but it had to be the devil.

  9. My own is dirty brushes, stress and weight gain and it got worse as I turned 30. Clear face one day PIMPLE POUNCES out the next day. Two years ago I had a terrible outbreak after I went for a "facial" it was the very worst SisiYemmie check out my face on www.olntv.ng that was what started that website I found natural ways to heal my skin after spending plenty thousands on my skin. Thank you sisi yemmie

  10. Thanks to popular ex-beauty queen, Omowunmi Akinnifesi who taught me more stuffs to reduce in my diet, noodles, magarine, and candies. On my own, I discovered washing my face before sleeping and not changing my brand of soap also helps.


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