I remember when I discovered this amazing restaurant and till now all I can say is wow! Basically, Kobis is the panacea for hunger today, because I don’t know how else to explain the scrumptious experience that is the Kobis hallmark. 

Close your eyes, picture the crunchy sounds of the Green or Potato Salads, feel the juice of the Fruit Salad on your taste bud or the tasty yummy Omelets, Croissants and Toast breakfasts. Wonderful options all day any day. And the kids aren’t left out of this. The chicken and chips, chicken and jollof rice combos are an awesome treat you can use for those pleasing outdoor experiences with them and be guaranteed the most satisfactions. 

It is beyond me how Kobis serves these menus, from the classic styling of the snacks to the mouth watering desserts it’s all round refreshing goodness what Kobis does, bringing forth something best termed as ‘home outside of home’. Super cool stuff. 

It is maximum freshness any which way, either by grabbing a meal up there or having them deliver to your home and office. Kobis deserves some praise for what they’ve managed to create so far, and if they go on at this rate then I see a further launch into trajectory. 

It’s unbelievable the deals they bring us in these times when restaurants can be unduly overbearing both on the pockets and in forms of shabby customer services. But then, I guess that’s what stands the Kobis brand out. 

The deals are beyond nice, exquisite culinary skills that have the consumers’ benefits at the core of things. Does it get any better? I doubt much. I’m ordering me some Two Piece Breaded Chicken and Fried Rice tonight, I might place an extra order of Salad and Tuna Sandwich plus Coffee for the Bae.

This is beyond hype. This is real. If I wasn’t duly catered to when I first hit them up I’d probably never know how good they deliver, how economical yet satisfying the Kobis meals are, and lastly how consumer-oriented they are. So hey, the proof of the pudding is in the eating wink wink.

You should read my review of Kobis HERE


  1. You failed to mention their location..

  2. Sisi this ur review is suspect o. Abi its a commercial advert/review? Anyway I tried the Kobis in the Palms Lekki.... dem call the food sea food paela. it was bad! A few prawns fried on top of regular jollof rice. I vexed o. Shoprite seafood paela is richer and tastier even if its prepared as a mass meal. Sisi pls chop the food personally and do us a proper review. Thanks

    1. I went to the Kobis in the palms and it was bad but the one in is fantastic, thats the one I reviewed and that's the one I always go to...see the link here of the review http://www.sisiyemmie.com/2014/05/kobis-lagos-fast-food-review.html I wasn't paid for the review so it was 100% my opinion :)


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