I just watched the most horrible video now! It made me scared and I'm quite traumatised! I was on twitter (things happen on twitter, follow me oh @Sisi_Yemmie) and people were tweeting about a certain household m beating a child, out of curiosity I searched for this video and I almost threw up when I saw it because I can't believe anyone would treat a child like this-a defenceless child!

The story I heard is that this happened in Uganda and the dads child beat the nanny after he saw this video- she's in a wheel chair and cannot speak plus when she gets out of hospital, she'll be sentenced. Good!

It made me scared for the future too...we need to rethink this household matter oh. It's necessary to share this video so that parents are aware that things can happen to their kids when kept in the care of the wrong kind of might want to invest in some hidden cameras around your house.

Mothers, be vigilant - above all, pray to God for guidance and protection.


  1. I was shocked when I first saw the video. Mothers should pray for God's direction when getting a nanny for their kids.

  2. This person fit kill ooooo.

    I don't think i can hire a nanny to look over my kids oooo, not even in a dream....i hope she get what she deserves!

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  3. Sisi Yemmie do you want me to say the truth? Incidents like this happen because societal structures have gone to the dogs. Everyone including grandmas and grandpas are chasing money. Grandmas or Senior aunties are no longer keen on playing their customary role of helping to guide and raise children . How can a woman hand over her kids to a total stranger? In the past the traditional role reserved for men was that they will go out and work hard and the woman will be at home ensuring the integrity of the home. But alas the roles have been reversed. Some men don't even want to work anymore and they prefer to be fed by their wives. God forbid! These are the consequence of socio-economic failure. I enjoy reading your blog.

  4. Oh my goodness!!!! That nanny should be killed. She was trying to kill that child. I am horrified o!!!!!

  5. No situation what so ever should attract such hate, wickedness! Moreso, upon a child... A child! That maid is a definitely a witch and should be killed... Sisi, you must have written this story in shock... It is well...

  6. This is total wickedness, cruelty... I am in tears right now. News I'm hearing now is that the child is dead. I don't know how true it is. Say no to nannies and house helps. Take care of ur child ursef as no one else can as u will.

  7. My day got completely messed up by watching this video. As a mum of toddlers it's hard to imagine that my boys too could have the victims of such treatment.

    I hope God deals justly with that nanny, may she reap the effects of her actions for years to come.....

    @ Anon 9.25am sometimes it's not that everyone has abandoned thier roles, how about where grandparents live in a different town or part of town? where grandparents are struggling with illnesses and are unable to care for grand kids nko? It's tough for any mum to leave her kids with a stranger please don't add your judgement to the issues on ground!!!!!!!!!!!


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