Ha ha razz I are! Honeymoon tinz indeed! My weekend was amazing and I feel very sad that it has come to an end *sobs We spent the past week in Dubai Honeymooning at the luxurious  Burj Al Arab and e just dey like heaven: Dubai was pretty, almost as if na so heaven go be but hot as hell! It was like 40 degrees there, we came back properly roasted, sorry tanned.  Sigh...I loved that I had access to a variety fresh fruits! Here's an interesting fact about me: I love to stare at fresh fruits but I barely eat them O.O [Have you followed me on instagram @sisi_yemmie ? More photos]

Anyhoo! I'm back to work and blogging! I have written about so many topics (well majorly about weddings) and I cannot wait to share them with you! So much has happened and I'm going to be filming more videos - this blog will get more interesting by God's grace...are you with me?! I'm even thinking of rebranding...I always dream big don't I? Nothing wrong with that!

Forgive me, my thoughts are all over the place and so will today's post. here's a cute little surprise we got from the hotel on one of our days day: rose petals all the way up to the bathroom (jacuzzi) and the bedroom and a lovely chocolate cake, plus a bottle of wine and greeting card. Really sweet! Oh and a bouquet of roses for Sisi: I have never had this many bouquet of fresh flowers in my life!
I showed you pictures of the glam room we stayed at the Burj Al Arab: it was magnificent. Money good oh. We were pampered silly, intact if not anything, my stay in Dubai showed me that I need to work smart and hard so I can enjoy the goodies of this life. The people wet rent room for 1 year for Burj na only 1 head den get abi nor be so? My God can do all things and if He so wishes I fit buy the whole Burj sef. LOL *snaps fingers
The ride that picked us up from the airport
Breakfast Buffet at The Burj
Breakfast Buffet
Well fed Sisi = Happy Sisi !
Thats the Burj Al Arab!
What made me super excited was when I found out today (Monday) and Tuesday was a public holiday! No work. Just chillax and prepare for wednesday, I would have extended my trip if I knew on time about this P. Hols. There are a couple of posts some of you have requested for 1. My hair, 2. Details about honeymoon, 3. Wedding Planning ...don't worry, soffry soffry and I will upload :D
My pouting selfie career is improving
Wafi City, Dubai
Add caption
The aquarium dinner we had...this deserves its own blog post!
I loved her costume!
Oh look! A shark!
Thanks for all your well wishes so far: I have the best readers and supporters in the world! I pray for you every time that the blessings of God will overtake and surround you. So so good news I go dey hear from una. Shout out to my new readers, Monday Chit Chat is where I share tidbits about my weekend and you share yours too, I mostly have giveaways but today no giveaway because you people are supposed to be dashing me wedding present. So...where are they? LOL .

Dubai is THE place to go to if you want a luxurious holiday: I was stunned by the architecture scarpers, neat environment and gosh I cannot explain. You need to go see for yourself! 

I stumbled into a store and they had the cutest homeward times ever! Cute and cheap...Can you see how colourful? They sell almost anything! Anything! I found the store inside reef mall...Dubai has ALOT of malls! I forgot I was on my honeymoon- I almost went crazy trying to shop. 
What I bought
Happy Eid Mubarak to my Muslim readers, friends and family! I keep asking, is this the one where una go kill big ram and cow and they said no. When is that big one bikonu? Have a fabulous week y'all!
#HusbandWifeSelfie - We have so many selfies together now! We celebrated our 1 week wedding anniversary on Friday! :)
The proper honeymoon post is coming soon: maybe tomorrow! Ps. I hear Ebola is in Lagos now? Ah...may God protect us all! Mwaaaaaah! How was your week/weekend?


  1. Awww, too cute! I love Love. God bless your marriage Sisi

  2. You are having the time of your life Sisi. Your marriage will prosper IJN

  3. Hello SisiYemmie,

    First off, congratulations on your wedding..I am a new fan/follower and I must say I like your style of writing..Keep it up and good luck with the rebranding because I will be coming back to read. Lol

  4. Sisi Ayam first oh!

    Back to reading.

  5. Chei, *sobbing* Sisi isnor fair oh.

    Well, my weekend was great. I won stuffs on twitter & it was delivered. Went out with friends etc

    Keep enjoying ur Union Sisi/Bobo!

  6. these pictures are so so beautiful. in love with them. xx

  7. Happy for u guys. Permanent Site jolly just start....! Welcome back

  8. Looks like you had a great time, yes money good o. Looking forward to your new ideas for the blog

  9. Great images!! Dubai sure is beautiful. Congrates to y'all! :)

  10. Yayy! Welcome back!

    That chocolate cake though!!!!

  11. Nice one! Sisi, you always have a way of holding one glued to your blog! Welcome back to work! Can't wait to read your honeymoon post!! Once again, may God bless your new home immensely!!

  12. Beautiful pics. You look amaaaazing, Can't wait to read the topics you have written.

  13. Congratulations on your wedding.
    You look like you had a fabulous honeymoon! Nice!

  14. Congratulations sisiiiiiii. May God bless your home. You are glowing and that's really fantastic. God bless Bobo too. Enjoy your week. Love is sweet

  15. Congrats weekend was busy working all through. I really love your wedding pictures as well as the honey moon how did you plan it and what were your fears. Well welcome back can't wait to follow you . have some personal questions to ask I hope you would be able to help out.

  16. Looking beautiful, congrats to the latest gorgeous blessed couple in town.
    The Beautiful Eagle

  17. Ok this is me famzing.Congrats sweerie,so happy for u and yomi.I remember how we were talking bout how u wld love to have banke meshida do ur wedding makeup sometime ago!Well,dreams do come true babe and am so glad u got urs!Welcome to the club darling!
    PS! u got me jealous on the burj al arab tins,dubai is such a beutiful holiday destination,minus the scorching heat!

  18. Congrats #DoroIyawo... U had so much fun o. Can't wait to visit Dubai too. Dis colourful kitchen section i love

  19. Awwwwww sisi I envy you ooooh! Chia...meself go like to marry and enjoy better honeymoon things like this but babes still dey 300level,book things! Wishing you the very best in your marriage sisi,wonderful kids and great enlargement. God bless you and bobo

  20. congrats you guys!!!!!!!! looking lovely

  21. Congratulations girl! You eat much yet you are this trim, how do you do it? Work out a lot or its the genes?

  22. SiSiiiiiii O ......THE HAIR,THE HAIR.....Congratulobia, plenty plenty shidrenss

  23. Woot woot!!! Welcome back!

    1. Hello, I'm a fan. Follow you on twitter and enjoy your blog posts too. But please, this your "woot woot" is now too boring. You say it all the time. Same thing you told Sisi Yemmie on twitter when she mentioned that your hubby did her cake. In fact,your reply to almost everything these days is "woot woot".

  24. Congrats sisi yemmie,the pictures are amazing and u sure had lots of fun...#permanent site for life for sisi and bobo#...alex

  25. Wow!! Just wow!! na to hustle be that!! even to eat for that restaurant with the aquarium....

    I knwo the store you're talking about, Daiso Japan. They have it in a few asian countries and their things are very cheap. I'm surprised to see it in Dubai.

    I'm in a good mood and this post even made my mood better. I just found out that pharrell (yes the singer)'s company page 'I Am Other' uploaded a picture i took on their instagram page and they tagged me. This is a huge deal for me. now for the main oga (pharrell) to notice me. Wish me luck ;)

    Congrats once again sisi!! May your ministry prosper and move on to greater things! as for sisi's reader's, have a great week!!!

  26. Chai!!! C beta tin, baba God will continue to bless our hustle... Sisi u deserve it o

  27. So happy for you Sisi. Happy married life. Amen to working hard and getting money to enjoy the fine thinigs of life. Excited for more posts!

  28. Welcome back sisi n bobo begining of Good things to come

  29. Congratulations Sisi! Happy for you!

  30. Awwwww its my first time here. Saw ur wedding on Linda ikeji's blog n I loved it. Hml, I want to go to dubai too o

  31. Sisi yemmie oloruko mi...
    I'm a new follower/fan lool
    I love ur style, especially ur hair...

  32. I most comfuse,I really enjoyed reading ur blog. Big congrat 2 u


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