This topic WanaWana is talking about is something I experience every time especially as I tend to be a foodie and get to eat out a lot (It's my calling, don't hate). Isn't it just frustrating when you go to a restaurant, they give you their menu and after salivating over the contents you begin to order only to find out most of it is not available...isn't that annoying???

Typical Conversation 
Customer: "Do you have dodo?"
Waiter: "No but we have fried yam"
Customer: "Give me Efo Riro"
Waiter: "Sorry madam we only have vegetable"


Customer: "Ok. Tell me all you have"
Waiter: "We have Eba, Semo, Beans, Yam,GoatMeat, Cowleg, Fish, Vegetable"
Customer: "Ok, Give me vegetable and Semo and goatmeat"

**Waiter runs off, comes and comes back maybe 5 minutes later**

Waiter: "Sorry madam, we don't have goat meat"
This is the point when I usually get up and leave. LOL

I think another one I find annoying is when a restaurant displays pictures of food they clearly cannot prepare: the kind of jollof rice on the photo display is different, the type you see on your plate is less than palatable: that annoys me! 

Watch this video to see more of what Wana says and share also what annoys you about restaurants or other things.


  1. Don't you just hate it when you get to a restaurant and see dirty plates on the table?

  2. What they serve is usually nt even close to what they display. That irritates me more

  3. Sounds annoying, one thing I hate is bad service, unattentive waiters, in situcations like that I dont tip

  4. I am very picky and hate it when peeps don't have what I want to eat. I cried one day sef. After salivating and all, them say them nor get am. Ah! It's always Painful!


  5. I can't help laughing at the dialogue.

  6. I went to tantalizers on admiralty way one day and i noticed they are now open for breakfast! Went there the next morning to buy beans and plantain (on their breakfast menu) and they said beans was still boiling, they had not fried plantain! The time was about past 8. I declined yam. To make matters worse they said they were doing morning devotion (I could hear praise and worship very loudly from the back) and that i should try back around 9.30 AM when the food should be ready. Me I am a christian o, but who kind of nonsense is that?? You do not have what you are advertising and yet you are holding fellowship in broad day light! Who eats breakfast at 9.30 AM, especially on a work day?? What manner of unprofessionalism is this bikonu? I just could not deal. I still can't, God forbid!!

    1. Loooool! Biko leave me oooo! I'm laughing so hard here. God forbid my dear!

  7. The most annoying is actually buying the rubbish and finding out that it has gone off or is stale. Go back to complain and all they'll tell you is 'We're sorry'.

  8. This post is spot on.I personally prefer home made foods,but the few times i eat out,i get really put of my the hogwash.

  9. Lolzz thats how goes in naija hahaha.


  10. I tell you, some restaurants have very poor services, a typical example would be the mr.biggs at oba akran, went in feb and d snail was bad azzin, u could taste d 'staleness', my husband was pissed. Fast forward to last month, we went to airtel office n decided to stop there again, the snail was as bad, u could perceive how bad it was, ain't ever going there again, even if the hunger makes me faint.

  11. That is the one reason i press pause to going to some resturants, tnk you sisi for Bringing this up.

  12. When I was in nigeria few weeks ago, An Uncle took me to this SO CALLED big Restaurant in Ibadan... we ordered Amala and goat meat and 5 minutes into the food I wanted to taste the meat and lo and behold blood started dripping down my arm!!! The meat was so under cooked!! Before I knew it about 4 other customers started complaining of the sane thing lol we just stood up and left....did they even apologise? No way! Apparently Nigerians and Customer care Service do not go well together


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