So like I mentioned I work as a Human Resource Manager and well my name is Bimpe Ajayi-and don’t even ask ‘cause I’m not telling you how old I am. Anyways, because my job entails managing people, I had to devise a ways to maintain a steady two-way communication with my staff (…trust me, emails and intranet don’t always work these day). I use instant messaging mobile apps a lot; any of the platforms that my staff members are active, I use it. Be it the Whatsapps, 2gos, BBMs, Wechats and I must say Palmchat (…will tell you why in a moment). 

Instant messages are hard to resist (ladies you know now); once that beep comes in, you just kind of pick up your phone and reply almost without thinking. So my staff can’t resist infos or notices etc I send across to them through these platforms. As for Palmchat, I developed a personal attachment to the platform. Remember when I said I was stuck in traffic running late to work and had a marathon presentation to make to my boss? 

I drifted mentally into a two-minute or so daydream; where I saw myself in the arms of my new found love, Francis dancing to the slow rhythms being played by a high life band at La Tropicana resort. He was about kissing me; slowly closing in like on a Close Up TV commercial when…’honk, honk’ the car behind me shattered my daydream and threw me right back into reality. I am actually in a stupid traffic and heading late to work for a presentation which I hope will go down well. I picked up my phone and spent Francis a ‘Hi dear’ on Palmchat and of course he replied almost instant with ‘sweetie I stuck in traffic…bumper to bumper’ 

It is funny how I so clicked with Francis, I met this sweet guy on Palmchat and sometimes it feels impossible. I didn’t say it, but why I was running late to work that Wednesday was because I spent such a good, good time with Francis the night before (hey, not quite what you are thinking…not yet). It was close of work and I wasn’t minding sitting out a little while before embracing my mattress, so I chatted up Francis on Palmchat and told him to meet me at Radisson Blue. That was to be our second real meeting; you know, face to face not online.

 Our first real date was at the Leisure Mall, Adeniran Ogunsanya street Surulere and it wasn’t a bad one except that, you know, I didn’t know what to expect and quite honestly, stuffs were running through my mind like: ‘I hope I am not making a stupid mistake leaving my house to meet some guy I don’t know?.... I hope the mall is safe and nobody will be stalking me or something? And I am buying my drink, no free drinks…thanks’. With all that going through my mind, our conversation was kind of stale; it lacked energy and was completely cautious but all the same, I could tell he was a sincere guy. Like when he blushed (he has such cute dimples on his cheeks by the wayJ) and said that our meeting was his first blind date, I could tell it was not only his first blind date but his first date…and guess what happened next? (…seriously I can’t believe that I am living my fantasy)

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