The morning rush hour was bad, very bad. I have been in Lagos all my life and I have seen traffic gridlock but that misty July Wednesday morning was simply soul wrenching. Not to say being stuck in traffic wasn’t my fault, you know what they say about giving excuses; especially if you are a corporate staff of a time-conscious org and you happen to have an appointment with the boss at 9:00 am in the same morning.

So, there I was stuck in traffic by 7:15am along Ikorodu road heading for Victoria Island. “My gosh…Gordon will kill me” I remember blurting out those over 20 times that morning. Mr. Gordon Kirchowsky is the Head of Operations of our multinational company with a branch in Victoria Island Lagos, Nigeria-My boss and I am the Human Resource Manager who is to make a power point presentation to Mr. G. Kirchowsky on the workforce restructuring that we had only recently concluded at the organization. The issues I was to present bordered on: Who was to do what…The experience, qualification and training required and I had just 15mins of the 1hour 30 minutes of the morning session to do that.

In all this, I couldn’t help reminiscing in the mist of my storm; “Francis is a perfect gentleman and yeah…it was high time I had a man in my life”. I bet those thoughts were out loud and it all started with a blind date on a mobile app (…did I say blind date, well yeah)….I will tell you, (lol) dis gist plenty o....


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