Hey lovelies, I've been getting so many questions about this hair and it is no surprise: I mean, the hair speaks for itself- it's gorgeous!!! I received the hair from Mercy Hair Extensions and she was so sweet in her interaction with kind as well! This video and post is a basic show and tell and soon I'll upload more videos about this hair. I did a mini showcase of the hair on my YouTube Channel ( that's the video below). Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE by clicking HERE

  • Human Or Synthetic | It's human's the mongolian kinky curly.
  • Density | It is silky soft, very lightweight even though it looks huge!
  • Length | I got three bundles of hair in 18 inches but I used just two bundles.
  • How long I've worn it | I've worn it for about 3 weeks now: I got it in June
  • Flexibility | This hair can be washed, coloured, bleached, straightened, my oh my! Check @mercyhairextensions on Instagram and see what other ladies have done with this hair!
  • Curly Pattern |The curl pattern is kinky curls....just soft spirally ringlets, very pretty, almost identical to my own hair just that mine is darker.
  • Tangling/Shedding |Curly hair tangles easily but this hasn't, It sheds just a teeny bit and thats because the wefts in front were cut. I barely experience tangling as well.
  • Maintenance | Curly hair can be tricky but it's been okay for me. I spray it with my water bottle everyday, to keep it nice and juicy and I have conditioned it twice.
  • Weave Or Wig | It is in a weave! I actually sat down for an hour plus to install it! I cannot remember the last time I went to a salon, maybe late 2013! Not every time wig, wig...
  • Contact Details | Mercy's Hair Extensions | Instagram @mercyhairextensions
P.S I love this hair and I have received so many compliments that it is my best hair yet! *Sekem


  1. Want Mongolian kinky hair!!!!! But a longer length with less density


  2. The weave is really beautiful, the curl pattern is just like mine. I cant wait to get those wig clips so I can start installing weaves again.

    My June/July hair product buys

  3. Looks really beautiful.

  4. I really like this hair, it looks very natural.

  5. Hi Sister! I like your beautiful hair!
    Did you use Kinky 3B- 3C ?

  6. Looks fantastic...Thanks for sharing this!!!Hair coloring davie

  7. Give me the last bundle u didn't use...thanks sisi! should I send my address?no jokes oh

  8. Beautiful hair...Amazing!!!


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