A marketing communication agency based in Anthony Village, Lagos, Nigeria seeks a brilliant law graduate as a Creative Writer. 

The job: Creative Writer 
Remuneration: Negotiable 

The Duties:
  •  Develop creative concepts, ideas and proposals for communicating brands, products and services of our clients.
  • Write advertising copy, blog contents, cartoon scripts, radio scripts, newspaper articles, articles in law publications, stories on current cases in courts, product manuals, agreements, etc on behalf of our agency 
  • Review advertising materials, write ups and visuals to ensure error-free productions at all times 
  • Attend client meetings to make presentations and to understand their briefs
  • Post information on web-sites and social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, You Tube, etc so as to interact with professionals on varied issues and current affairs
  •  Any other duties as may be assigned from time to time.
 Knowledge Required 
  • Knowledge of Law, evidenced in graduation from Law School 
  • Knowledge of marketing, communication and media 3. Knowledge of information technology will be an advantage 
Experience Required
  • At least one year practice experience 
  • Agency working experience will be an advantage 
Skills Required 
  • Creative writing skills in copywriting, short story, radio drama, TV commercials, etc.
  • Journalistic skills- skills in reporting court cases and other events in a manner that non-lawyers can understand; ability to study and understand a situation and retell the story in interesting manner
  • Presentation Skills: ability to confidently present in corporate settings 
  • Selling Skills: skills in presenting brands in a way that generate interest, desire, enquiries and purchase action. 
  • Digital skills: proficient in the use of MSWord, and MSPowerPoint 6. Teamwork: ability to work with others with tolerance and minimal frictions.
  • Persuasion: ability to move people to take decision and action.

    Attributes and attitudes
  • A passion for creativity; an active and productive imagination 
  • A love for brands, advertising, media and communication 
  • A diligent and painstaking devotion to excellence 
  • A personality that is in touch with current affairs, styles, trends, etc 
  • A social-media savvy 
  • A huge sense of humour and ability to craft witty expressions.
  •  No Age restrictions 
    HOW TO APPLYPlease send your CV and a one-page creative write-up, written by you within one week from the release of this advertisment


  1. But why would a law graduate want to be hired as a creative writer

  2. So na only lawyer be creative writers? Sisi Isoorait.

  3. Sisi, I won the Cupcakes giveaway...I contacted them through the email you sent...and I'm yet to get a reply from them. Valentine's week is over now :(


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