Valentine's day is only what... tomorrow! Yikes, it's so close! I know the tension people are facing, did you buy a gift yet? was it expensive? do you even have a val? don't go crazy over this one day event which we should ideally celebrate everyday, whatever you do, you mustn't do these things listed below!

DON'T GO BROKE: It's silly! You cannot spend all your money expressing love on Valentine's day.  You go soak garri oh! Valentine's day is not about how expensive it is but how expressive it is! Just your actions can be enough as compared to spending all your money, little acts of service and consideration would go a long way. Love is not equivalent to spending money.

DON'T BE TOO EXPECTANT: I know so many people that have been praying for this day since last year, majorly because of what they anticipate on this day, their expectation level is so high that if they receive anything short of it, it would be a complete disaster! Stop second guessing what the other person is going to get you, stop with hinting, let them express their love how it comes naturally to them! You may be setting yourself up for disappointment if you don't. Keep calm na just Valentine's Day!

DON'T CALL THAT EX: Drop the phone right now, I said drop it! Don't flash your ex, don't text them, don't call them, there is a reason they're your ex! It will only make you seem desperate and lonely! It will be worse for you if he'/she has moved on sef, biko don't embarrass yourself. 

DON'T WEAR RED: Please, please don't wear red...it is too cliche! You can wear other soft pretty colours and if you MUST wear red, let it be a dash of red, for instance, a red shoe, red lipstick, red tie, red nail polish, red, red bag...but definitely not red head to toe! Ha ha ha...

DON'T FORGET TO LOVE YOURSELF: Don't let bitterness engulf you because you have no one to "Val you"...Val yourself. Love yourself! When was the last time you even looked at yourself in the mirror and appreciated yourself? Make yourself breakfast in bed, enjoy a nice movie, enjoy your company and spoil yourself silly. Don't let it be a sad day for you. Make it a self-love day!

DON'T GO TO A RESTAURANT WITHOUT BOOKING AHEAD: Especially if na this Naija me and you dey. You need to book to reserve some space for you and your partner if you're dinning out. Nothing more annoying than standing on a queue on an evening like that. If you can skip dinning out, better. But if you really, really, want to then book in advance!

DON'T BE CARRIED AWAY: Ladies, this one is especially for you. Girls have a tendency to permit things they ordinarily would not permit. Don't go home with him if you're still getting to know him, don't go to secluded places alone too with someone you don't know. A lot of girls get raped and others get dis-virgined just because they are caught up in the euphoria of the day. Don't let yourself be carried away and do things you would later regret.

Whatever you do, enjoy your day!

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  1. Spot on! Especially "don't wear red". Just don't do it. Don't!


  2. But I want to wear red *sob sob* lol..
    LOL@planning this day since last year! It's true oh! How about the expectations of the righteous not being cut off?! lol iKid.. You're very right.. Over0expectations can just kill joy mehn! Only God deserves that much faith! xx

  3. mwuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.. my sisi yemmie.. happy val in advance, wetin u go dash me tomorrow u knw say i lov u.. mz bombshell

  4. God bless you for this sis.

  5. sisi my office says we shld wear red oooo lol

  6. dnt wear red oo.. lol.. nd if u must wear red nd yellow to make u look mor lik tetracycline tablet.dats better fr u. red nd white makes me sick.. lol mz bombshell

  7. U re so correct aunt sisi,nice one

  8. Nice one aunt sisi,u re really doin good.love ya

  9. U re so correct aunt sisi,nice one

  10. Hi Sisi Yemmie, I just love you. Thanks for this. You are always on-point. Happy Vals day dear

  11. Thanks sis yemmie I like the points highlighted, especially the no wearing of red.wish I had a boo to spend the day with sha...lol , to those that have enjoy.xx


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