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I have been asked so many times, will you wear your hair natural on your wedding day? and honestly... I don't know! I love my natural hair and if properly styled I would love to! 

There various things to put into consideration if you want to wear your hair natural for your big day:
  • What look you're going for
  • The length of your hair.
  • Your groom.

I love long flowing hair but my hair is nowhere near that, which is why I am not sure what I will be doing, but if you're thinking of wearing your hair natural for your wedding you should take a look at the pictures for inspiration! 

Which is your favourite?


  1. wow! so lovely dunno if I would want to tho but lets see how it goes

  2. I would do have rocked the 2nd one in the last row, and the 3rd one in the 4th from down row at my wedding if i was natural back then.
    Thank you for visiting my blog, and Amen to that prayer, for all of us. I LOOOOOOOOOVE your blog, and i vote everyday for you and Brother Yomi...i hope you guys win!


  3. I would have rocked the middle style in the last row, and the last style in the 4th from bottom row at my wedding if I was natural then. Do some small small trials with veils and see how you like them.

    Thank you for visiting my blog. You made my day. Also, thank you for the prayers...I LOOOOOOVE your blog, and I vote everyday for you and Brother Yomi. I really hope you guys win!


  4. I really like the big fluffy fro with the headband. Idk if i can trust my hair to behave itself outside on my wedding day though. We all know too well how natural hair has a way of morphing into unintended hairstyles as the day progresses Lol

  5. my hair dosent look lik all dis ones here na.. wat do i do to mak it look lik any of this?

  6. All lovely styles but then is my hair that long? Hmmmm, people are just waiting to see how I will carry my hair on my wedding day! Infact I still got a comment yesterday from a friend who noticed I had taken down my yarn twists. Hmmmmm

  7. Im so inspired, love it

  8. Hello,
    All these inspirational brides look nothing less than perfect!
    I am sure that I will wear my natural hair in an updo when I get married.
    I think that it's unique and staying true to oneself!

  9. I used to hate wearing my hair out because it was so short. All you have to do is get some yarn or kinky extensions, add them to your hair and no one can tell the difference. YouTube really helped me.

  10. My picture isn't there. I had dreads

  11. Part of my natural hair has to be woven, while part of it pinned up in a Pompadour style. If I don't do that my shrinkage baaad gan, and my hair is mad frizzy, and who wants to look like a mad girl on her wedding day.

  12. These are all beautiful. I had natural hair (dreadlocks) for my wedding and it was at the time when dreads/natural hair wasn't so welcome for ladies in Africa. However, it was nicely done so a lot of people could barely tell they were natural and they loved it. Nice post.

  13. Great ideas. I will have to bookmark this for future reference.


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