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stella oduah minister of aviation nigeria
Stella Oduah, Minister of Aviation
Did you guys hear the statements our dear Minister of Aviation Stella Oduah said? The first time I knew who she was when I got back from obodo oyinbo, I saw her photo at the airport and I was like who be this fine woman... now she is falling my hand. 

Within the past 2 years we have had about 9 plane crashes killing people with the most recent one involving Associated Arline's carrying Agagu's corpse. Some people have said it is the work of winches and wizards, for now I shall not comment. 

Anyway, Mrs Stella has this to say: "We do not pray for accidents but they are inevitable. But we will continue to do everything to ensure that we do not have accidents. But an accident is an act of God". No ma'am, I beg to differ! God does not cause planes to fall down and kill people, and accidents do not have to happen where proper precautions are taken. YOU ARE WRONG! 

I've been following the Kris and Bruce Jenner split, i'm not happy about it  *sulks. Sometimes I watch Keeping up with the Kardashians, I don't go out of my way to watch it though and I've seen scenes where Bruce complains that his voice is never heard in their home, sounds like a drowning man. I saw an episode where Brody, Bruce's son was talking about his dad and how he is being emasculated, I felt sorry for him sha and I heard his skin cancer is relapsing too, eyah.

As for Kris, she seems to be doing well, new Talk Show and all of that. After 22 years of marriage why can't people make it work??? Kris and  Bruce Jenner married in April 1991, less than a year after getting fixed up on a blind date and At the time, Bruce had already been married twice before and had four children. Na wah oh!

Mrs Alakija and her hubby

In other faaaaaantastic news, Folorunsho Alakija is the RICHEST BLACK WOMAN in the world! Her oil fortune is worth over 7.3 billion dollars!!! I'm trying to imagine that kind of money in my head! She has pursued and overtaken Oprah who was once the richest black woman and currently worth $2.9 billion , according to Forbes.

Why is this story sweeting me? Maybe because she's Nigerian, Maybe because she's Yoruba, lol. My dear friends, there is money in this oyel (oil) business oh! Mrs Alakija  62, wife and a mother of 4.  In May she bought 4 G Wagons for each of her sons ($22 million per G-Wagon, minus shipping). Money is good! She started her career as a secretary back in the days. 

My people, do not despise the days of small beginnings oh...

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  1. Love this segment o, first of all, that your Minister of Aviation should take her job more seriously o, and Kris and Bruce I really wanted them to stick it out but it seems he has been drowning for a while as you said. Ah we thank God for women that go after what they want and get it; she is a big inspiration for me. Have a lovely day Sisi Yemmie.

    New post ~

  2. i keep telling myself that "don't despise the days of small beginnings" wishing you luck on the wedding contest! :)

  3. Have you thought about where she got the oil from? Are you confusing natural resources of the people that has transferred into someone else's hands?????

  4. Anonymous... you say? Please be a bit unequivocal as you re-write that comment. I'm itching to understand what you mean

    Sisi you say why can't they make it work after 22 years? has been working for 22 years. I guess you mean 'what could have gone wrong after 22 years of being together that they can't fix'

    Na wa...all these divorce thing just dey make me feel one kine

    1. When I hear divorce these days it makes my heart break ::(

  5. Sisi Yemmie....This your blog has really stepped up o. Love the new look! You've got to appreciate new beginnings from the simple blog spot days of ;-). You deffy get my vote for best designed blog.
    As for your aviation minister....I need a whole blog post to vent. Naija matter tire me.
    The Kardashians?? Not a fan...although i do feel sorry that a marriage that lasted that long has to end.
    Really chuffed that a Nigerian woman is the richest black woman in the world....something positive to celebrate hmm...x

    1. Halleluya! My blog don change level ohhh! Thank you for the compliments and your vote!

  6. Go Mrs Alakija!!!
    Kris and Bruce's separation is sad but I'm kinda glad for Bruce because he was always being treated as an outcast, there was an episode that Kris had all his cards and wouldn't give him money but she went out to buy a $3000 dress as in really? *sorry! I like the show to some extent*
    Minister of Aviation is another topic on her own.

    1. Bruce needs to step up and just be a man, he needs to take control of his life.

  7. At all at all oo! Never ever despise d days of small beginnings!
    With hardwork and God its possible.
    As for Bruce,dat man deserves a better woman,no one knws whr love carries u to sha,but Kris isn't it.she has virtually no respect or value 4d man she calls her dem sabi.

  8. wooow so inspiring !! Never give up your dream

    1. I'll echo that! I always appreciate your comments!


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