“Loose lips Sink Relationships"

Sometimes we tend to share our relationships wahala or joys with our friends, family and sometimes random colleagues. 

There are so many reasons why we do, if you’re riding on the waves of love with le boo, we tend to update our bbm status, update facebook status, ping friends to chat about how AWESOMELICIOUS your boo is and how HE IS THE BESTESTESTEST boo since "booness" began. Most of us are guilty. LOL. Some other times when the ship is not riding smoothly we become inspirational and update with sentimental things that everyone can decipher that, ol’boy, e be like say this one dey fight with her boo. 

Nothing wrong with sharing these things with friends if done in moderation; you don’t need to share EVERYTHING! Here are some things you should try NEVER to share with others about your partner, they can and will be used against you.

MONEY – Never tell anyone how much your boo earns, or if you’re having money problems. People don’t need to know this. Who wears the financial pants? Who pays for what? If you have an agreement with le boo about how you both want to manage your finances then this should not be up for debate with your friends. The "you can chop my money" status of your relationship should be hidden.

BEDROOM – Do not share what went down last night, how you were kissed senseless, how does this information affect the price of garri in the market? If your boo is a stallion and he steady gives you the "D", keep it to yourself unless you don’t mind sharing him? If you’re celibate avoid discussing it too as your friends may envy you, and if you’re not celibate, you may be tagged as “loose”. They will yimu no matter what.

DETAILS – Avoid giving details. “My boo’s favourite food is Amala and gbegiri,  my boo scratches her boobs first thing in the morning, my boo doesn’t like this or that”. Why are you furnishing others with this privileged information? Haven’t you heard stories where a friend snatches le boo? Why do you think that happens? They already know your boo's likes, dislikes, habits e.t.c Do not tell any one where you boo's mumu button is (thanks Honeydame)

FIGHTS – Couples fight all the time, if you don’t fight in your relationship then I put it to you that you are a liar! LOL. Friction is normal as long as you kiss and make up… but telling your parents, your friends about every single quarrel will not help. Its always awkward because your friends will always be on your side and will keep condemning you boo… after you say they don’t respect him/her, why should they? After you’ve forgiven and moved on, those you told will always remember. This point is null and void if your boo is abusive!

SECRETS – We all have secrets and your boo may have told you some of his/hers, it would be totally out of place for you to share something confidential like that with others. Also, if you have a secret you’re keeping from your boo then you should never tell someone else that “biko I don’t want him/her to find out or my boo doesn’t know about this oh”…you’re only giving outsiders ammunition. What if they accidentally or purposely jabo the gist to your boo? Kasala go burst!

DREAMS/PLANS – Dreams, aspirations, plans are things we share with people we love, when your boo is telling you of the mansion he wants to build in 5 years time, or the business he wants to start, avoid being a tatafo, do NOT share this with anyone. Keep their plans, aspirations between the both of you.

Your partner will feel betrayed when they find out you’ve been talking about your private matters, they wouldn’t trust you with anything; If you discuss these matters with your colleagues  it breeds see-finish, biko stop. Your friends will wonder what your saying about them to others if your can be so open with details of your boo’s life. People will think you have no self control… they will never confide in you.

If you have more to say on this topic, biko leave a comment below! I want to read from you.

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  1. Those are amazing points and they make sense die. I like your style of writing. Keep it up.


  2. Wise words from a wise woman, Who get eye make dem read, Who no get beg person make dem read am for you. Thanks Sisi we are guilty of some of this things, I don fasten my seat belt sha !!

  3. Very helpful blogpost, even though I knew some of this it is good to see them written down. I m one of those guys that would really hate to know that you share every single detail about us with the world and your friends. My ideal relationship would be both of us in a bubble learning about each other. Letting people know your business can mess up a wonderful thing. Btw Lol @ how does that affect the price of garri. On point as usual Yems. Only if blogspot sent notifications when new comments or replies came up. teamwordpress

  4. Sisi,you are on point o,am guilty of telling my mum when my hubby offends me and at the end I don move on but she keeps the matter for her mind o. I quickly learnt my lesson and only report him to God.


  5. Sisi Yemmie has done it again! thank you this blog is helpful :)

  6. im guilty of posting sentimental stuff when the ground is rocky, im going to stop that, thanx diva sista 4 a wonderful post

  7. Hmmm wise words, cuz telling some ppl can get you in trouble. But I think its almost impossible not to share things like this with your best and closest sometimes (granted you trust the ppl u tell and you know who you tell what to).
    The issue is sharing with sense and moderation, don't share everything, just whats necessary or comfortable for you.

  8. True Talk...


  9. Sisi Yemmie on point. I just love your style of writing. More inspirations to write dear.

  10. Am sure you are practicing what you are preaching Sisi

  11. oh gosh I laughed so much at "BESTESTESTEST boo since "booness" began" and affecting the price of garri, you're too funny! Interesting points some lessons worth learning


  12. am guilty of som tinz here.. nd will so stp it.

  13. Nice one SIsi Yemmie and totally agree with all of them too.


  14. mehn! I agree with you..thanks for this post, learned from it :)

  15. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pointers, would keep them to memory, soo help me God.

  16. I very much agree wit u sisi, good one there.

  17. So so true. You had me in stiches. "I put it to you that you are a Liar" - a friend once told me she has never quarelled with her boo. I guess she must be lying.. Nna mennnnn. :D

  18. true talk. lovely one there. am sharing this.

  19. You are so point!!! Correct Info...

  20. Sisi thank you for the tips even though I don't have a boo yet I will keep this in mind....Merci Beaucoup

  21. I love your "shhh" picture! I get how ladies can tatafo on money, details, etc but why bedroom gossip? That I'll never understand. Awesome post! Lol @giving you the "D"

  22. relationship advice
    never sounded better and so not stereotyped
    Like the newspaper thingies and hints stories I
    used to complain about growing up

  23. Blessings and season greetings.....
    All sounds good.
    I would like to add, although its not a don't talk rather a don't do. "Do not invite WOMEN to live in your house with you and your husband," that is a recipe for disaster and co-existing under the same roof gives her the 411 (insight) on all the don'ts listed in this post. Envy and jealousy are some powerful motivators and one never know from which tree it grows and when the seeds begins to blossom.

    just saying

  24. I can't stop reading the articles. Great job Sisi Yemi

  25. i like this post... very helpful and informtive!!

  26. True talk...thumbs up sisi yemmie

  27. True talk...thumbs up sisi yemmie


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