It took 10 years for Big Brother Nigeria to come back....that is such a long time! I can't even remember the last time I followed the show, but this time I will because from what I see all the Housemates are Nigerian and I love a bit of amebo and drama. Who go fight? Who go tear payint? Who will fall in love? Most importantly...who will win 25 million Naira and a Kia Sorento! Ah!!! I want to see and I hope it is...

Bisola aka Didi from Skinny Girl In Transit! I like the babe, she's funny! Some people feel Bisola is  "too big" to be doing Big Brother. Abeg, is there anyone that is too big for 25 million Naira??? Bisola says she was a spoilt child till age 8 when her then well-off family hit some major hurdles. She had to move to rural Nigeria where she lived with cousins selling makeup and she got another shot at the high life when she came fifth in a reality singing competition. I would like to see Bisola win sha. Are you going to follow the show? I already re-activated my DSTV Subscription because of it! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Who else is in the house?

1. BALLY: He works as a Statistician but has plans to start his own digital content creation company.  
Relationship status: Dating A Lawyer.

2. COCOICE : Focusing on advancing her singing career
Relationships Status: Single Pringle

 3. EFE : A graduate in Economics and he enjoys cooking
Relationship Status : Blank

 4. GIFTY: She has acted and been featured in a few Nollywood monster hits
Relationship Status : Blank

5. KEMEN: Port Harcourt’s most sought after personal trainer. 
Relationship Status: Unknown

6. MARVISMass Communication graduate
Relationship Status : Single Pringle

7: MIYONSE : Was in Culinary School and today he’s head chef. 
Relationship Status : Dating a chef.

8. SOMA : A Pastor and Musician’s son and a good singer 
Relationship Status: Long Distance Thing

 9. TBOSS: Studied at Unilag for 9 months before going to Romania to complete her studies.
Relationship Status: Blank

10. THIN TALL TONY: An acclaimed choreographer.
Relationship Status: Blank

11. URIEL: She loves to cook.
Relationship Status: Unknown

Who do you like so far?


  1. Abeg bisola all d way, please everyone should vote for her, this bae is too real

  2. Bisola should win ooo....

    Instagram @selena6111

  3. I hope Didi wins too!Abeg nothing is too big for 25 million naira o. And that Miyonse...why wont he be a cook when he's name resembles Mayonaise...if you dont blink twice haha #abegnajokeideyjoke anyways in school and wont be able to watch so aunty Sisi please do keep us informed!

  4. I think Bisola would be entertaining to watch. I hope they filmed all the episodes of Skinny girl she ought to take part in.

  5. I'm so expectant. Don't know what I'm expecting

  6. Would love to follow the show this time. And I kinda like Bisola's story. Of course if I study all I may change my mind. For now though, it's Bisola all the way

  7. I love uriel because of her face and stature even though she looks to matured stature-wise for big brother...lool. Bisola should win though

    1. There is no specific stature one has to have to be qualified to be in Big brother house. Otherwise she wont be there

  8. Bisola for the Mooooola!!!! I think she's a natural entertainer and very natural in the house too!!

  9. Tboss is just too fake for my liking, please check that her ticket is intact for next week flight

  10. Efe is natural I vote efe


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