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Like the popular saying goes, πŸ‘πŸ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to failπŸ‘πŸ‘! I've spent my Saturday thinking of ways to simplify the whole of next week, and the weeks after. My body has agreed with my brain to do things on Sunday (even starting from Saturday) that would make me have a much easier, less stressful week 100% SLAYYYED PRODUCTIVE WEEK! I'll share them with you:

CLEAN YOUR SPACE: Cluttered space, cluttered mind. You need to go into a new week without tripping on your bra. Put everything back in its place and fix your space. The beddings need to be changed and washed, do it. Don't leave dirty dishes, pots till the next day. Just make sure your space is good enough for a guest to come in unannounced. 

ARRANGE CLOTHES: The weekend is the best time to wash your laundry (there's harmattan now so if you're lucky the weather will dry, and even put starch in your clothes), iron and prepare everything you will wear for the rest of the week. Pair the trousers with tops, fix the lost button on your shirt, polish your shoes and set aside. I cannot count how many Wednesday mornings I have spent throwing a tantrum because a shirt that fit 3 months ago no longer fits and SUDDENLY I cannot find anything to wear!!! 

GO SHOPPING: Make a list, what do you need this week? You've run out of soap? salt? curry? You need to cook? Oh, your brow pencil has finished? Monday morning is the wrong time to find out oh LOL. Quickly make a list, follow it and stock up. I really hate stopping over at a supermarket on my way back from work...it is stressful...I don't know about you. So get that done on the weekend. 

MEAL PREP: What are you going to eat this week? Make soup, make stew, boil rice, and make beans. That can keep you going for the rest of the week. You only need to microwave when you want a meal, not spend time cooking or spend too much money eating out. If you're trying to follow a healthy diet this is very important. 

CATCH UP: On all my videos and blog posts you probably missed during the week. Binge watch, nothing do you! LOL. Watch the Recipes HERE, the Weekly Vlogs HERE and other videos in between HERE. Shameless plug I know! 

FIX YOUR BAG: If you take a look at my everyday bag on Saturday it is a complete mess. Things you will find inside include: 1 strand of my braid that fell off, my toddlers spoon, an open pack of biscuit, receipts, money, a toy, nylon bags, and a bunch of random things. This bag needs to be cleaned asap for Monday to feel like a fresh start!

RELAX: How do you like relaxing? I like to curl up on the sofa watching AFMAG Yoruba or my favourite channels on YouTube. It relaxes me. I've been thinking of going to see The Wedding Party, can you believe I've not seen it?! I'd like to do that soon. Go to the spa, visit your friends, call your peeps, just take time out to rest. 

SET A GOAL: What do you want to achieve this week? I always try to write out my goals for the week, because it keeps me focused and I can always take a look back on the weekend to see if I can tick that goal off my list. It's fulfilling if I did. 

PRAY: Pray! There's only so much you can do to ensure you have a good week... so many unforeseen circumstances that we need to pray to God to protect us from e.g accidents, random missiles, robbers, traffic, bad decisions and just terrible things sha in this Nigeria. Prayer is koko. 

EARLY NIGHT & ALARM: You just want to frustrate yourself if you stay up late on Sunday night when you know how early and alert you have to be on Monday morning. Resist to temptation to keep scrolling through instagram feeds and tweeting. Set your alarm and make sure it is properly set. I've woken up many Monday mornings not knowing which century I was in, all because my alarm did not go off and I ended up waking by 9:00 am. Don't let that be you.

Good luck!


  1. Thanks Iya Tito for sharing.

    Off to do a thing or two, enough of lazing in bed,

  2. This is pretty much what I do every weekend asides from fixing my bag/


  3. Just what I needed. Thanks x

  4. Thanks for sharing sisi yemmie. Off to doing some Normal Sunday routine. Ciao

  5. Thanks for sharing sisi yemmie. Off to do some normal Sunday routine.

  6. Thanks Sisiyemmie. Your points are valid! I think I really need to work on cleaning my space so a guest can come in unannounced and I need not feel embarrassed. Thanks again.

  7. These are excellent tips and I agree that everything you listed can actually help one's week go smoother.


  8. Nice list as usual, sisi


  9. This is well written and I agree with you. Thanks for sharing!


  10. Oshe! SISIYEMMIE this is spot on. The struggle to get one's life together has been since far back 1935...lol
    Let me kuku go and sleep



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