Hey lovelies, lately I've been wearing this hair that I received from Mercy Hair Extensions in January. It's different from the previous extensions I've had; it's long, curly and soft! Makes me feel very very girly. I got it in 24, 22, 20 and an 18 inch closure- the closure is very natural looking (see the video) and it was my first time wearing a closure! No more a closure vaaargin. LOL.

 If you want to know more about this hair please watch the video below and to get this hair just follow @mercyshairextensions on instagram and ask her about the hair Sisi Yemmie is wearing now.  Although the company is in the states, they ship globally as I received my in Lagos without too much stress. You can email her and she'll respond to your enquiry. 

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  • Human Or Synthetic | It's human's the mongolian loose curly.
  • Density | It is silky soft, very lightweight even though it looks huge!
  • Length | I got three bundles of hair in 24, 22, 20 and an 18 inch closure and I used it all. 
  • How long I've worn it |This is my 1st install, I've worn it for about 3 weeks.
  • Flexibility | This hair can be washed, coloured, bleached, straightened. Check @mercyhairextensions on Instagram and see what other ladies have done with this hair!
  • Curly Pattern |The curl pattern is loose curls....
  • Tangling/Shedding |Curly hair tangles easily but this hasn't, It hasn't shed yet and I barely experience tangling.
  • Maintenance | Curly hair can be tricky but it's been okay for me. I spray it with my water bottle once in about 3 days, to keep it nice and juicy and I have conditioned it just once in these 3 weeks.
  • Weave Or Wig | It is in a weave! I am seriously considering making it into a wig because I'll be able to manage it better then. 
  • Contact Details | Mercy's Hair Extensions | Instagram @mercyhairextensions


  1. looking very pregt n beautiful

  2. Hair looks nice. How do you cope with the heat in general and also the heat as per your pregnancy. U look good btw. U can hide from your belly down but can't hide that nose. God bless u.

  3. Sis yemi,na so you turn mama ibeji see the size of your
    To God be the glory

  4. Someone is preggers o!!!!

  5. I knew I wldnt post my comment. Congrats all the same,preggito

  6. It looks really good Sisi. Kind of what I presently have on only from a different brand:)
    Lovely post.

    Check out my latest post on the blog :)

  7. This is the exact weave for the style I have in mind but I'm sure I don't even want to hear the price of this one. Let me not even ask
    Looks great on you though!

    1. LMAO..and the price is not bad oh. It's on the website...don't be scared

  8. Nice hair .You look preggy and showing on your nose infact your whole face

  9. Really nice weave Sisi..suits you well.

  10. sister pls dis make-ups is too much o

  11. LOL. Serious review my dear. It is lovely hair

  12. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I couldn't stop staring at your nose :D
    You're still so cute!
    Lovely hair extensions, do they deliver outside nigeria?


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