I was going through my Youtube subscription feed and I came across this video by Aramide. I like that it's a different kind of tune, not every time shake your bombom or jinjinkpakpa music,  sometimes songs like this make much more sense. 

I love the song, the video and the girl is cute! LOL. I've never listened to any of her songs before so I proceeded to watch all her videos which is why I added another video at the bottom. Are you feeling the babe?

Produced by Laitan Dada. The video was shot and directed in Lagos, Nigeria, by cinematographer Tosin Igho.


  1. wil take a look @ it later when this network is less messy then come back and comment.. btw sisi you just went awol abi?

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  2. Its her red sandals I love. *smiles* she try

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  3. Nice video, but I can't view the second video you added.

  4. lovely videos..wow. I'm surprised I didnt know her till now :-)

  5. Nice voice. Why is she not popular.

  6. I remember her, she did a cover for one of eldee's songs a few years back.


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