Everyone has a distinct recollection of a particularly touching moment when the realization of how much a mom is worth finally dawned and Mothers' Day was carved out for us to do something special for these very special people.

An epiphany that is so strong, that it stays for a long time – if not forever, is what a mom memory carries for different individuals. That moment is nostalgic, emotional and unforgettable! It enforces the bond created at birth between a mother and a child and so if your mom is still alive, please leave whatever you are doing and go tell her that you love her because that is the only thanks she has ever wanted and desired.

Just a thank you, but some of ours moms have been starved of this statement for so long so in commemoration of the International Women’s Week, we salute our steadfast mothers and mothers to be for their long-suffering and strength.

So what memory does your mom’s existence hold for you? Was it that caning when you were stubborn in school or was it that special recipe she had for cooking some of your meals, was it the way she fried chin-chin or chicken with healthy and heart-friendly oil like Grand Pure Soya Oil? Maybe it was that moment when she sat you down and told you some home truths?

Whatever it is would be worth recalling and saying thanks for. Do something today that will celebrate your mom for the capable upbringing that she fostered on you that has made you into what you are today.

Share with Grand Pure Soya Oil that #MomMemory – be it in picture, video, or even text and get rewards for both yourself and your awesome Mom.

 Let us all together celebrate our mothers and say thank you to the most important women in our lives!

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