Today I want to help my brothers, I know some of you read my blog...shout out to you! I was listening to Sharing Life Issues With ChazB and this bros was complaining that he's in a relationship with a babe, but she never calls, hardly picks his calls, he went on to list a bunch of things and was asking what he should do. 

My guy, I want to help you today-if there's this babe you've been toasting since forever and no matter what you do , she no gel for you, then you have to move on. You might think you're in a relationship but it's all one chance. The good thing is that there are so many tell tale signs but it's like you men don't see them quickly, and most women would hardly tell you when they are not interested, they want you to figure it out, now shine your eyes:

Have you ever seen a girl in love before? Or even a girl in crush? She would call you non-stop, text you 24/7 and when you call, she picks on the first ring because she's been looking forward to speaking with you. But if "your babe" can go 2 days without communication in whatever guy, you need to shine your eyes.

On Monday evening you visit her and you must make sure you buy shawarma before you leave, she doesn't offer you anything in her house oh. On Tuesday she will ask you for recharge card, but she never calls you with it. On Wednesday she will tell you she's broke. On Thursday she wants you to buy her a perfume. On Friday her friend that sells Vaargin peruvian hair "accidentally" stops by while you're visiting; and they cajole you to buy it for need to pause and evaluate the giving vs the taking in this relationship. Don't be a maga.

We are at that age in the world where people show off anything good they have on social media- from bbm updates, to instagram posts, Facebook status, tweets etc. If you are in a seemingly serious relationship with a girl and she has not mistakenly mentioned you on any of these platforms...then your relationship fit be only hear we dey hear, dem nor dey see am. 

When a girl really likes you, she will want to spend time alone with you, getting to know you better (nor think bad thing) might be at a party but it will be you and her sitting, talking about every random thing. A bad sign is if you can never catch her alone: if you ask her out on a date, she comes with like 3 of her friends who order everything on the menu. Never alone, you always have to navigate her friends...sigh. Who are you dating again?

Notice how she acts when you're around. Does she seem slightly irritated? Look at her face well you will know her smile is not genuine. Is she a bit stiff around you? Always giving you side hugs or air hugs. A lady that likes you will melt like butter under the hot sun...if you notice discomfort, unease, distance...then my brother it is time to re-evaluate this thing you are doing. 

These are 5 easy signs and there are more which other readers of this blog will comment on, so let me give them a chance. 


  1. 1st like a Boss!
    Lol@that air hug business!

  2. Over to the guys.

    lmao @then your relationship fit be only hear we dey hear, dem nor dey see am.

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  3. This is so true, nice one sisi

  4. Tell them girl, some guys just don't get it, at times I just come right out and say I'm not interested. Lol at "na only hear we dey hear, dem nor dey see am"

    Princess Audu

  5. Correct! I hope they get the message.

  6. Sisi Yemmie - not fair at all!! Why? Oh why are you spelling it out to them? Allow us string them along for a bit - its great fun!!

  7. Omg! The show's still on? i never bothered to check in after his demise


  8. hahahahah.... n if u see wat some brodas do eh sisi... u won't betray us like dis o

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  9. Sisi
    The relationship na only audio? How you take dey come out with these things!? Loools!
    But you hit the nail on the head sha

  10. Sisi Yemmie o!!! ROTFL!!! On point as usual. A lot of guys need to hear this especially those that dont get the message when a woman is uninterested.

  11. Sisi Yemmie o!!! ROTFL!!! On point as usual. A lot of guys need to hear this especially those that dont get the message when a woman is uninterested.

  12. lol I had this girl sisi, I'm a guy and I dey try for my own level sha... can affored anything I want, go out at will, use the kind of gadgets I want to use, and I like pretty girls, like very beautiful girls. But as a sharp guy I know what comes with going after pretty girls. There was this girl I had, I'd done my homework on her, she thinks she is smart, always asking, and asking, but the truth is, the only reason I want her at that moment was because of sex and she gives it to me just as I want it and another thing was she is very beautiful so she fills the space of a guys hangbag when going out. What really annoys me, she would had gain more from me if only she had stop acting too smart. It breaks my heart because when she really needs the help sometimes I won't help her. at times like this, we would argue and she would disappear and promise never to show back before I blink my eyes she is back. so all those girls that think they are smart, they should actully check it, is he getting what he wants, are you being used for a particualr purpose. Though money is important, but someone like me has learnt not to pay so much attention to it. I use it to get the gadgets I want that is pretty smart but stupid girls. Here is the truth if you don't like the guy stay off. tell him. leave his money alone. go look for those super models you are ready to die for.

    And if your phone rings in front of a guy and he doesn't bother to inquire who the caller was, please, know that he is not into you.

    If after having sex you go home and he doesn't call you to know if you got home safely... know that he is not into you.

    If when he wants sex thats when he grants almost all your heart desire he is not into you. some people are rich very rich and money is not the problem. as a girl you should be concern about love. just someone that would literally die for you. someone that without you asking he knows what you want and would spoil you. being too smart won't help, as someone that has lived in and off the street before it hasn't helped any girl. Rather when they become desperate for husband they end up with apes. One of my ex did.

    Most of my guys are now married, to prettier girls. Don't be fooled. Your beauty fades away with every dick that penetrates you and your bobby flattens with every mouth that sucks it or hand that pressed it. SISI post my comment God is watching you.

  13. hahhahhahahhahahhahhahhah.. choi

  14. sisi, left me in shreds wit d relationship na audio statement... u wnt kill sumbdy nd dis ur facial expression isn't frm dis parts. LWKMD

  15. Sisi yemmie are u pregnant? Have u shared the good news already and I missed it?

  16. LMAO. @shine your eyes!! But some girls are really wicked man. Oh well, may the men 'shine their eyes' like you put it!! :)
    BTW, Having a giveaway on my blog open to Kenyan and Nigerian readers on my blog..check it out and let me know what you think :)

  17. True talk, thanks so much for this.

  18. If she's always bailing out on dates with you or never stops texting when you guys are together, she's not that into you.

  19. lol so true. make we see am no be only to dry hear am

  20. The post pretty much sums it all up. Hope the fellas are listening!

  21. Good points...but Sisi, you should take into account that not everyone feels comfortable putting their personal lives on social media. They are private like that.

  22. i believe guys knw. dey just keep being hopeful dats not a crime is it?

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  23. Sisiyemmie! It haff tey ooooooo. No Chit-chat today? I hope all is well. Miss youuuuu

  24. Sisi you look preggy...Congrats darling! Yipeeee..Its the nose shaa *side eye


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