Pokello announced on twitter yesterday that she was launching her shoe line, see I was following her updates closely not because I have a shoe fetish but because I love Pokello's legs, she has beautiful legs and can model any shoe! She also has fabulous milk and honey skin...she can start a business as well in skincare, i'll buy. I'm getting distracted, back to #PokelloPinkBottoms

What was fun was that she named them after her fellow ex BBA housemate females,she sourced inspiration from 3 of her favourite designers, Sophia Webster for her feminine and soft colours, Sergio Rossi for his seductive shapes and elegant lines and of course Christian Louboutin for his signature trait and dizzy heights.

She incorporated all those elements but paid more attention to the feet of African Women who sometimes have to squeeze their wide feet into narrow made shoes without ample room for their toes to sit comfortably. With this first collection the main emphasis was on height and comfort.

I think my favorites are the "Dillish Gold Dust, Kessy Mint and Motamma Malt" I can imagine myself wearing them! Which ones are your favourite? 

The shoe line will launch in December. Congrats Pokellosexxy
#KessyMint named after Feza, Tanzanian BBA Housemate
#AnnaBanana named after Annabel, Kenyan BBA Housemate

#MotammaMalt named after Motamma , Botswana BBA Housemate
#TropicalSelly named after Selorm, Ghanian BBA Housemate
#RiaRouge named after Maria, Nambian BBA Housemate
#CloeIce named after Zambian BBA Housemate
#DillishGoldDeposit, named Delish BBA Housemate
#KokiPink named after Koketso, SA BBA Housemate
#NudeMonroe named after Huddah, Kenyan BBA Housemate
#AdaBlack, named after Beverly Osu, Nigerian BBA Housemate


  1. Ooh I love these! Especially the gold and nude ones. Especially for me with wide feet. Can't wait for them to be launched! I'm soooo buying!

  2. She tried Mehn
    They are really nice
    The first one is actually my absolute favorite

  3. I wasn't so much a Pokello fan but common! Am soo impressed by her and her drive! Queen of Swagger all day every day!!!

  4. certainly the gold! the dillish one! i've always been a pokello fan from the day she stepped in the house, the shoes she wore that day were also divine!!! I love shoes and pokello also has amazing taste in clothes.... congrats to her! ^.^

  5. Poky Poky Poky!!! My God! Shoe fetish! These shoes are sick!!! Pokello is sicker!!! Lyk damn!! I cnt evn express hw much I love these shoes calmly! The Gold ones r so it! D koketso ones r nice, I love how d RiaRouge red go with the #pinksoles, all d colours are just fabulous! But damn I luv me some AdaBlack(wink), bcus I have a thing for black and pink together...jus my best colour combination! Christian louboutin fans should watch out! #pinkbottoms!!

  6. I love the name more, she's very creative. I love most of the shoes, I can rock most except the annabanana, it colour is too loud.

  7. Love it...http://olosomariam.blogspot.com

  8. Lovely shoes and I love the names. That was really cool.

  9. She was always one of my faves! Love her and love the shoes.

  10. am soooo buying one of these shoes.... i love the red and nude.

  11. Pokello the queen of grudges,all day everyday

  12. Would never wear those though. So inferior looking


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