The Nigerian demographics age 16-25 are aggressive adopting the PalmchatTM social platform over WhatsappTM for their daily online social engagement reports analysts.

“It is quite interesting to know that even though Whatsapp appears to be more popular globally, in Nigeria we see quite the contrary in trend. Nigerians are highly social people; they are not afraid to connect with other people that are total strangers and Palmchat’s fusion of instant messaging with online dating seems to be a key influencer for the adoption of its platform by millenials.” Ravajk Pesh, online social analyst said.

While a lot of young Nigerians would so easily opt to chat with someone new online, the Palmchat social platform has retained its sense of freshness amongst the young Nigerian minds by constantly driving engaging campaigns on their platform.

“The Palmchat ‘Shake-on-Goal’ Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup competition was a huge success, the level of engagement and distribution across gender was simply remarkable. Currently there is an on-going MISS PALMCHAT contest ( or microsite; on the Palmchat platform and this contest has gathered a lot of steam too. I believe these kind of clever incentives are the driving factor behind organic engagement by Nigerians.” Boukali Mounir, Head of Public relations, Transsion group.

Unique exciting custom features not on Whatsapp

The Palmchat is truly interactive, its customs features such as: Shake-shake and the Look-Around features completely transform your mobile device into the ultimate social experience tool. With the Shake-shake activated, all you need do is to shake your mobile phone and each time you do, you connect to someone while the Look-Around feature let’s you chat up close with someone using the mobile device GPRS system.

Free app with no hidden charges

The Palmchat app can be downloaded free from every mobile device app store and there are no hidden charges, subscription fees or trial periods. Once the app is installed, it will run on the subscribed data plan of the device with no additional cost. The cost efficiency and convenience that Palmchat app offers is believed will further drive its adoption by Nigerians as many more Whatsapp subscribers will have to pay to use the social app after one year of trial free trials.

“We will see many more people adopting the Palmchat in Nigeria because right now Nigeria feel a sense of ownership of the platform as many more of the engagements on Palmchat resonates amongst the general populace especially the young ones.” Boukali Mounir added.

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  1. I installed it on my Android phone but I don't use it that much, I don't have good friends on it but I will learn to use it with time sha


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