Samsung has just recently signed up Reminisce as the brand ambassador for their newest addition to their range of devices. This is hinged on their aim to further connect with their customers at all touch points, especially through music, which is one of the passions of people worldwide.

In sync with their strategy of introducing innovative, smart mobile devices from which consumers can derive optimum value, Samsung has unveiled its new Galaxy Trend Lite and Galaxy Ace4Lite smartphones, targeted at the new generation of mobile phone users. 

Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Lite and Trend Lite have been launched to provide a larger set of consumers with the experience of superior mobile technologies and richer internet experience at an affordable price. With these two devices, Samsung is sharing the best of a mid tier Smart phone at an entry level Smart phone Price Unlike competition devices available in the market, these devices are priced affordably without compromising on its specs or benefits. That’s why we say they are BIG on specs and LITE on your pocket.

· Connection options for both devices include 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPRS/EDGE and HSDPA +21mbps

· Wi-Fi direct enables fast sharing of multimedia files like pictures and videos using the Wi-Fi network without the internet. This service is proprietary to all Samsung Smartphones only.

· The Galaxy Ace 4 Lite and Galaxy Trend Lite also allows you print documents from your phone wirelessly using the Wi-Fi direct or Bluetooth feature

· The BT 4.0 enables quick easy content sharing and the Wi-Fi hotspot allows you share your 3G data with friends

· The Galaxy Ace 4 Lite and Galaxy Trend Lite comes with Free 50GB Drop Box to help you store important documents, images, videos, etc safe and conveniently to be accessed anywhere at any time. 

· The Galaxy Ace 4 Lite and Galaxy Trend Lite can work as a WiFi Hotspot Router to share internet data with friends and family.

· Dual SIM Always On: unlike other Dual SIM devices the Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Lite and Galaxy Trend Lite Dual SIM is Always ON what this means is; the two lines are active at all times. You can use one SIM for your internet and make calls from both SIMs at the same time.

· Samsung Touch Wiz Essence UX: The TouchWiz Essence UX user interface gives you a smoother and faster touch screen experience unique to just Samsung devices.

For you all who want these devices, Samsung is offering people who buy from accredited stores N500 worth of airtime with their purchase. For more details please check out the link below:


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