On this fateful Sunday I chose to go to Federal Palace Hotel Lagos, it's located in Victoria Island…I have never been there before (I’m slowly losing my JJC badge oh)…and you know I love Buffets…can’t say no. I hear Federal Palace has been around for a while sha…but to me it was a new experience. I went just for the buffet this time but next time I will go for their pool behind…it’s gorgeous…you should go there. I will go do a review. I took a stroll around the hotel and they have this place behind…great for photos and great for just taking a romantic stroll with  your le boo. #ValentineTinz

I wanted to go with Bobo but he was not around…so I went with people that wanted to eat too, Trace and miss chic. It was interesting…food company is good company. Look at this silhouette picture I took of them there…better hire my services now…I’ll give you great pictures!
I actually love the ambiance of the hotel…it was a place where you know say na “old money” people go like am, and I mean that in a good way. It was nice, not noisy, the mood was good for food. See me rhyming…mood good for food! He he he. I like the way the food was presented on the buffet table, I love the decor…you could tell they were trying to keep it very African!
Ok, immediately I got to the restaurant I noticed there was a tray of juice but I wasn't offered so I was wondered what it was for…I was sha wondering. It was after I've finished my meal, rubbed my belly and surveyed the area that I asked the waiter, “bia, what are those glass of juice for" and he goes “err madam… it's for guest, its  all for you oh”…you could have fooled me! It's for me and you didn't give me??? If I didn't ask I probably won’t have gotten it too. #AskAndYouShallReceive #FightForYourRight!

The good part was that two of the waiters than attended to us were very friendly…the chef was very friendly and explained what was in every dish. I liked that...

However, there was one waiter that was misbehaving…when I got in, I explained to the first waiter that I would love to take pictures of MY meal oh, the one on my plate…he said “feel free madam” and I did. Later on this other female waiter blocked my camera in the process of me taking a picture of my food…as in she put her hand over my food… whaaaat? I vexed ehn and told her off…she kept saying “we don’t allow pictures here”.. I asked her why, she said management, I told her to call management and she was looking at me like lucozade. I told her that in this generation, we take pictures of every meal we eat AND we instagram it AND I told her that I won’t pay for my meal because she has messed up my appetite AND she was rude…she quickly backed off. *Click *Click… Her point was that I was taking pictures of their food to start my own restaurant…I told her that a whole federal palace hotel should not feel insecure, I may be able to steal their presentation idea but I could never steal the taste. Now vamoose.

I think I have mastered the art of eating at a buffet…I tasted almost every dish they had. Shebi it’s my money? I started with pepper soup, then I had some soft bread and butter, I later had rice, then I went for the pounded yam and egusi. Next was Chicken and stuffs and then I finished it off with a salad which was a mixture of every salad they had on the table! I was so stuffed! The Egusi and pounded yam was really good…I think it was poundo though. I liked the way they sliced their plantain…the potatoes? absolutely delicious ! *licks lips

Well the buffet cost 5000 naira only… it does not include drinks and I still think that's not okay! Buffets should come with at least free water, let us fight for our rights!!! Anytime you go to a buffet demand for water…how much be water outside? 50 naira pere for bottled water.

Would I go back there? Absolutely. The price is right, only next time I will demand my glass of juice from the entrance. I hear they have a Saturday buffet too but Saturday and Sunday buffets are served in different parts of the hotel. Have you been there ? What did you think? Where have you been lately?





  2. Nice experience, the pictures left me salivating. That other waiter was rude sha*, she didn't have to block the camera. I remember going to their casino some time last year too, they told me no pictures, but it was a white guy and he was very polite even though he stood behind me to ensure that I deleted the one I already took. Me sha|* later took another one with my front camera. *rollseyes*

  3. I agree with you FPH is beautiful, I love almost everything about the place. Not been 'privileged' to taste their food sha, been there a couple of times on official 'parole'. (I hear Sheraton is the best where buffet is concerned, you may want to visit and compare...)

    I don't believe you gobbled down ALL the food in these pictures's possible sha...if you stay around for a veeery long time, you know taking breaks between the courses for each to digest before moving to the

  4. Sisi you still dey fast so........?lol.All these food don activate my hunger.God dey sha.

  5. Sisi your food tours are causing some major jealousy on my part!! Where should i start from, ok the restaurant looks very classy, pepper soup looks amazing in short everything is making me hungry and I just ate.

  6. Sisi yemmie you ate all that? only u. ha o ga o..where did the food enter please.loool

  7. Chai Sisi! Your food pictures are always fab! You should have included a warning in your post "Do NOT eat the screen of your phone/iPad/ lappy. Don't mind that waitress......imagine her putting her hand over your food! Hian!

    Anyway, how do you eat so much and not get fat? Pray tell.

  8. Sisi........U didnt eat all that you mentioned or did you?!!!! LMAOOOO!!!

  9. U just have a way of making me salivate o. Invite me on ur next visit.

  10. Your posts are always so hilarious.

  11. Yummm thanks for the review babes
    I always thought they were old school. Luv the ambiance, will surely pay FPH a vist

  12. sis I,ebi npa olododo o! only u consume all that,ha!!!!!!!

  13. I too want to know how you eat all that delicious food and not get fat. I would have gained 5 pounds from that meal!

  14. nxt tym u r goin pls invite me sisi.. mz bombshell

  15. You know I wasn't even aware 9ja had buffets I will be going in June I must eat! Lol

  16. Hmm sisi u actually ate all dat inside dis small tummy fantastic.pls sisi if u eventually need a company for dis weekends outing pls I'm available oooo


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