When I saw the tweet about Chef fregz’s Christmas special, I knew I had to go! I've been seeing pictures of his mouth watering dishes all over the internet and I concluded in my mind that 2013 shall not pass by without me tasting his meal. So I started fazing him on twitter…I even almost forgot to attend on the day but my sister reminded me….thank heavens! It took place at GET Arena in V.I.

I went with Miss Chic and then I bumped into Uncle Efe (twitter folks) an his wifey. I was very pleased to intact share a table with them. Efe blogs HERE, check his blog out! In my head, anyone I know online is my friend so it was good catching up with both of them. Trace joined us later and I met other people I know online, so it was fun, we had a good laugh and that's always great when you're eating!
Like I mentioned earlier, it was at GET Arena. I was not too pleased that it was quite hot inside the room. I decided to collect fresh air outside instead but the flies would not let me eat in peace! Kilode! It was also quite stuffy. I am aware that Chef Fregz hosts these cookouts in different locations so I won't judge too harshly on this location.

Hospitality wasn't so bad but it wasn't fantastic either, it took a while for someone to attend to us and when she did our food came at long intervals. First she brought a cup, then she brought water. Later she brought food but without cutlery. It was just one kind but I didn't mind so much because it's not like this is a proper restaurant and I bet she had so many people to attend to....the place was a bit crowded.

Chef Fregz was serving Eminado, So Le, Pull Over, and some other mende mende. I chose to go for So Le and I was not disappointed with my choice. So Le is chicken pieces marinaded with lemongrass, whole spices and a touch of efirin leaves all seared then simmered in a yellow coconut curry garnished with fresh coriander. Served with a festive fried rice and a salad garish. 

I also had XO which is a  detectable strawberry cheesecake topped with whipped cream with a baileys butter cream caramel drizzle and crushed biscuits. Efe and his Iyawo had Eminado which is a sweet spicy and creamy seafood pasta. juicy bits of squid, shrimp and prawns tossed in a spicy creamy sauce with green and red pepper coulis with a rocket garnish. Read his entire review at the bottom of the page.
Hmmmm… Ok. The dish I had cost 3000 naira and the dessert was 1500 naira. I had a bottle of water too and all together my bill was about 6000 naira. Not too shabby abi?

Sisi Yemmie : "I loved what I tasted, it was yummy! The ambiance wasn't so nice but with Chef Fregz and his cookout the location changes every time.  Chef Fregz is a nice friendly guy so it's easy to love his food! I was particularly pleased that he came out to say hello to us and take pictures...I told you I like special attention abi? LOL"

Efe: "I was impressed by the waitress’ quick attention to our order. She was at our desk almost before we sat down, asking which of the delicacies we were interested in. She didn’t have a real menu though. When we insisted on looking at the three options again even though I’d seen them online before (Eminado, So Le, and Pull Over) she pulled out a piece of paper from her pocket. So Le was our first meal and it lived up to expectations. The curry had a Thai feel to it and I am particularly fond of Thai food.

Emboldened by our first foray we decided to try the next item on the list, Eminado. This dish we had even higher expectations for  The dish was slightly disappointing though. No pepper! And it seemed like a letdown after the magnificent So Le. Now we wished we had had it first and then the chicken dish second. 

Dessert was lovely ice cream and crumbled biscuit. Sisi Yemmie had this one on lockdown but we were allowed to taste. (Did I mention how great her company at the meal was? She's adorable and a half). The dessert was a small portion size. I tend to be greedy with ice cream and when it’s well done I want to have a whole tub. So the portion size was a backhanded compliment: it was so well done we thought it was too small!

The high point of the event was when the Chef himself came out to say hi to us at our table. He asked how we were doing and if we were enjoying our food. You could tell he was stressed in the kitchen without breaking a sweat. He loves what he does. And he’s very good at it. We even had the chance to pose for a few groupie shots haha.

All in all we had fun at the Chef Fregz event. The mixture of adventure and satisfaction was refreshing and we had a lot of laughs. I think the food went down well too. I will miss the next Chef Fregz event only if I absolutely cannot be physically present in his city when it holds. Kudos Chef!"
Have you been to any of Chef Freg's event? Let me know your thoughts!


  1. I have never attended Chef Freg's events but I have read great reviews about his culinary skills. I love your review and Efe's

  2. I am a huge fan of chef Fregz and would love to attend one of his cookouts. I love the way he experiments with different flavours, his portion sizes and everything looks so yummy!

  3. hmmmnnnn.... yummy.. mz bombshell

  4. Chef Fregs location can some times be disappointing but he sure knows how to throw down in the kitchen and i most have missed you at this particular one *sadface*

  5. ehn ehn, iwo omo yi, you went and used owo pot obe ose kan to eat "eminado" and "baby pull over '. *in my mum’s voice* lol....

    this pictures are so tempting, babe, eminado is "hungrying" me

  6. Sisi you always make me salivate :). Love your energy

  7. Maybe it''s just me, but something about the food isn't appealing.

  8. lawwd the desert looks sooo good! Found your blog, and its breathtaking, so following :-)

  9. Nice to be here Sisi yemmie, great blog and nice videos on youtube..I believe the Recipe will come in useful should i decide to cook...

  10. So the bottle of water is N1500? Big bottle or small?

  11. O girl u can spend money sha,6grand only u for one day lasan,u get mind o,chai money good o.

  12. Neva hrd of it but wld love to atend any one


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