Living in a clutter-free, inviting home is pretty important to most of us, but sometimes, there just never seems to be enough space to put everything away! In every home - large or small - there tends to be a need for more space. If you can't seem to figure out how you can fit anymore dishes into your kitchen cabinets, or how you could possibly work in a cosy corner into your living room, here are some tips:


From hosting friends and family, to having your kids sprawled on the carpet for hours, it's no wonder your living room often needs the most constant tidying. A great trick is to purchase multifunctional furniture, such as a sofa with hidden storage space for TV and game accessories and the like. Coffee tables are also great because you can tuck books, photo albums, stationery away easily.


It's where you work, sort our bills, help the kids with homework, etc., so there's a tendency for things to get a little bit messy. Visit an office supply store and look out for desk organisers and office supplies that can keep everything nice and tidy, and help you maintain a neat space. Alternatively, you can check Pinterest for lots of great ideas for keeping your home office mess-free.


Whether you have a newborn, toddler or teenager, there are little ways to ensure their bedrooms are kept tidy (most times LOL). For smaller children, ensure there is a home for everything - inside shelves, toy boxes and under-bed storage. For older children, create areas for homework/studying/reading, sleeping, etc. and provide them with organisation accessories so clutter is more likely to be avoided.


It's the busiest, most functional part of the home and as we tend to spend quite a bit of time there, it's important for your kitchen to be as tidy and easy to operate in as possible. Maximise the space by putting up overhead shelves for pots and pans (to free up space on the counter), investing in vertical storage shelves (as they take up less space) and make good use of your drawers. (Plus, avoid purchasing every single new exciting kitchen appliance!)


It's your haven, and it needs to look and feel like it. Create more space in your bedroom by making sure wardrobe space is being used properly (and neatly - that way you can fit more in) and use little helpers like shoe racks and jewellery baskets to keep things in place. Also, an area that is often overlooked is under the bed. Why not invest in some under-bed storage containers?

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