Odunlade Adekola, popular Nollywood actor, is one of our many heroes on the Yoruba movie scene! Versatile, LWKMD-funny and the bestower of over 350,000 different kinds of facial expressions, here are 10 times the Meme King perfectly captured our week:

1. When your kids keep testing you and you're doing everything you can not to unleash.

2. When you're trying ensure your colleague understands that that idea is just not a smart one.

3. When they're not done with their lie and you're just patiently waiting for them to finish.

4. When this is all you want to come out of your car and do to 90% of the drivers on the road.

5. When it's Thursday afternoon, weekend dey load and the credit alert promised on Monday has not arrived.

6. When you're watching a Yoruba movie and imagining how differently you would handle the exact same situation.

7. When your spouse/partner is trying you but you have given your life to Christ.

8. When everyone at the office is looking for your madness and you are warning them, but they won't listen now ooo.

9. When that potential client is talmbout "your services are too expensive" and you're just laughing to hold yourself from explaining to them how much it's not their fault.

10. When it's 8pm on Sunday and you're lost because the last time you blinked, it was Friday evening.

Have a lovely weekend, guys!


  1. Hahahaha! Honestly it ws difficult picking a favebecause they are all so funny! But I think the last one is the one I have seen circulated the most :-) :-)


  2. Lol
    Didn't know his name or who he was. I used to wonder.
    His facial expressions are just classic.


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