I'm so excited to announce that I am in a commercial-you guys! Growing up Nasco cornflakes was my favourite, and when I lived outside Nigeria I would always buy it, along with other items to take back with me (plus I'm one of those people that must eat cornflakes with hot water ha ha ha, because that is how I grew up eating it)...SO you can imagine how awesome this is for me-I get to work with a brand I have enjoyed since forever. In THIS VLOG I showed behind the scenes, press PLAY if you're interested in that.

I believe that the best approach for food is to keep it whole ...and, #NASCOcornflakes is #WholeFlaked for whole taste, whole nutrition and whole crunchiness for the whole family. 

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  1. This is amazing Sisi Yemmie. I must have already watched it a hundred times. Congratulations again!



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