We need to talk my people! This Mommy life comes with all sorts of decisions nobody warns you about. Not just decisions. but emotions and feelings. I'm opening up to you on how what is going on in my head regarding having another child, my thoughts on another C-Section and on V-Bac's...I'm glad I have a lot of mom's on my page that share similar experiences with me - I am looking forward to reading from you. I also want to read from mom's that have different experiences, please share! 


  1. Thanks for your transparency Sisi Yemmie. I am yet to watch your video, but I do think more education needs to be had in some parts of the world, to take away the stigma of having a c-sec. For most mothers and babies, it is a life saving procedure!


  2. Siri, I love your blog a lot and the reason I still stay glued is because your content is very relatable and beneficial. However, you seem to have ported to YouTube now as everything you post here has to link someone to watch your YouTube video.
    I think some of us love to read in words too besides, the price of YouTube data is nor beans. It's quite saddening that we come on here and have to be redirected to YouTube.
    Please bring back Sisiyemmie blog. We like it laidat. We will still get to watch your videos sha but you should write more too.

  3. My second c-section was not a very good experience. I was given epidural and the procedure in fixing the tube and all took very long. Unlike spinal that's done very fast. I was told the epidural is to help for after pain. The pain after the surgery was something else. I don't remember my first being so painful. But don't want to scare you. Everyone's experience is different but I was told its more painful with every cs you do.


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