Hello Loves! I've been absent on the blog because I have been on an amazing trip to South Africa-if you follow my YouTube channel you are already VIP and you know this, but before I talk about my SA Trip, let me tell you about the Banana Island Cultural Festival I attended over a week ago. The only reason I was at the Festival was because I was invited by FoodTrolley which is this awesome grocery shopping website I've been using lately, you can buy food items from Fish to Tomatoes an they deliver anywhere in Lagos, same day! Make an order, get free chicken. Awesome stuff, makes my life easier because I have a bit busy lately, and busy is good :D. If you rather watch than read, then click HERE to see the Video of the Festival

I wondered why the Banana Island Festival was not highly Publicised but quickly realised that it was an exclusive event for the residents of Banana Island. Yup, THE BANANA ISLAND. That was my first time there. It was WELL attended!

So many countries had a stall and a lot of their cultural artefacts, plus some food or drink! I decided this was the best place to finally taste Ghana Jollof and to squash the #JollofWars once and for all! I quickly went to the Ghana stall and requested for Jollof and it did taste nice, it did! LOL. But not better than Nigerian Jollof. Okay, Okay, the thing is, food only tastes good if it is made by someone that cooks it well. So this war may never end. 

The highlight of the Banana Island Cultural Festival was meeting my SUBSCRIBERS from Japan! Say what? JAPAN?!!!! I was shocked!!!! I have viewers from Japan?!!! This small world of social media. 

The 2017 BMW 5 Series was also unveiled by Coscharis at the event, this is such a beautiful car! I'm took a look around it, inside, just stunning!

Amazing performances : There was the Drum Ensemble by O'didere Art of Africa, Dance from Badagry, Ghana, Cameroon,Azerbaijan, Delta State, the Kinyarwanda Dance from Rwanda, Zulu Dance from South Africa and more.  There was also a performance by Yemisi Fancy.

I want to say Thank You to Food Trolley for inviting to experience this Food Festival (you know I like food!). It was good to see many countries represented, a true picture of how Cosmopolitan Lagos is! Who is looking forward to the next edition of the Banana Island Festival? Me!

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  1. Food is all I can see! The pictures tell the story. You sure had a swell time!


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