Soooooo blog fan! Let's talk about this Baecation I had recently. The last time I travelled a one with Bobo was for our honeymoon...Tito came and stole the show, I'm not complaining. This was a well needed break! I already started the Vlogtober series on my YouTube Channel and Vlogtober is about vlogging and uploading daily, kind of like Sisi Weekly everyday! Of course this has not been easy, but I enjoy it! So I hope you like these videos and stay with me for the Series :D. If you're not SUBSCRIBED to my Channel, please Click HERE to do so, it is FREE! I will be having a South African GIVEAWAY at the end of the series, so pay attention :)


  1. Beautiful. Sisi, you're seriously living the life o!

  2. Sisi I am glad to see you are taking a vacation
    your website is too slow and this can be quite frustrating to a blog visitor, please do something about it.
    have a lovely vacation

  3. Keeping my eyes peeled for the SA giveaway. Thank you Sisi Yemmie

  4. Thanks Sisi Yemmie for sharing SunCity with us - felt like I was the one there seeing those animals and touring that palace of lost city.


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