The most requested video on when channel when it comes to YouTube Tips is "How To Film Your YouTube Videos With A Phone". I can understand why people want to know this and I always encourage any newbie YouTuber that does not have the fund to buy an expensive camera to find ways to use a smartphone to film because most phones come with really good cameras now. Also, you cannot keep waiting to you buy your dream camera before launching your YouTube career, you can start where you are and use what you have. I have filmed with my phone for years (my sisiweekly vlogs) and the quality has been good! If you want to see the tips I share, click to read more below and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE so that you get helpful tips from me often. Click HERE to SUBSCRIBE.


  1. Watched this already and really learn't a lot. I can truly remember those days you were using your phone to film. However, I think phone camera quality is also of essence in delivering good quality videos.

  2. Most times, one can't even tell the difference. Hi-tech phones Thursday's are built with high quality HD cameras and they do the job. Your tips are definitely top-notch.

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  3. I always thought filming youtube videos were so simple, but there are a lot of ways to mess them up. I'm glad you shared these tips. It requires due diligence to have a high-quality youtube video. The most important thing is definitely holding your phone the right way.


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