Nelson Mandela, the first black man to be a head of state and also the 1st President of South Africa, is celebrated every year on the 18th of July, his birthday. Mandela, during his lifetime, focused on destroying apartheid in South Africa and the world is forever grateful to him for being such a true hero.

The Mandela Day dinner took place at Southern Sun, Ikoyi on Tuesday, the 18th of July, it kicked off at 6pm and ended at 10pm. Some of the delegates that attended the event includes the Consul General of South Africa Embassy, Darky Africa and South Africa Tourism Regional Manager, Hloni Pitso. It was a meeting to bring well-wishers together to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s legacy. Darky Africa, Consul General of South Africa Embassy, gave out Nelson Mandela’s “Long Walk of Freedom” to guests as gifts.


  1. A brave and courageous man. He will never be forgotten like you said.

  2. This is beautiful! People like Mandela, Fela etc can never be forgotten for the impact they made on their generation. It is very sad to see south africans ruling against what such a great man fought against by driving Nigerians away. May God help us all

  3. Well said @Emete Smart. Mandela stood for what he believed in, todays he is Our Hero. we should all stand for what we believe in. STAND FOR PEACE! STAND FOR JUSTICE!


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