Ha ha ha I'm one kind!

I'm telling you these things so that you get to know me better. I never went to boarding school and I feel this is partly the reason I am not used to sharing stuff like this. I feel these items are personal, and mostly relating to hygiene so I don't like to share them, not even with my son, or husband. Now you know how serious it is! I shared this as a video on My YouTube Channel (Feel free to SUBSCRIBE) but I have decided to share as a text with you, since I am trying to be a good blogger :D

I remember when I was little and we visited my hometown and all the kids were made to share toothbrush because there was not enough to go around. Ayamakata! That was the day I collected chewing stick from my grandma and learnt how to use it! I do not share toothbrush!

Sometimes when you trim your nails, you may go too deep and slightly injure yourself, you may see no blood but I believe there is blood. This is why I don't share nail clippers. My son has his, and I have mine. 

I have spare makeup brushes in my kit for when visitors come over and want to use my powder  brush just to dab on more powder. I am currently in the middle of a breakout on my face and I don't think it is hygienic to share makeup brushes-this is also the reason I do my makeup myself instead of using MUA's because some of them do not bother to clean up before applying on the next client. I would also need share lipstick/lipgloss directly, especially when using testers at the makeup store. Infections are easily transferable. 

There was a time I would go around town with cutlery set in my bag just because I don't want to use the spoons at restaurants and public places. Right now I've tried to reduce it but I always request for disposable cutlery when I go out. This behaviour started when I hear that you can get herpes just by sharing spoons, almost drove me nuts!

Am I the only one that feels sponges are personal? I mean, you use a sponge to scrub all the dirt off your body. Why would anyone want to share that?! If I use a shared bathroom and I mistakenly lear my sponge out and come back to see it wet? We are getting a new sponge!

See reason with sharing sponges. I know towels are the easiest items people would share. I've shared a towel with my husband before and my dad, did I die? No! LOL. But i'd rather not sha. 

I don't like to share toilets and I am so grateful right now that I have a little office in my house with my own toilet, nobody dares to use mummy's toilet! LOL. I am that person, peeing without sitting on the toilet bowl (not standing on the toilet bowl sha ). I'd rather hold my piss till I reach my house. 

Oh no! I cannot share a straw, I also cannot sip from the same cup someone just sipped from. I'm not one of those people that can share a drink i.e you sip small remain for me type of thing. No way. This has been me since I was a child.  Don't you guys see residue from the other person's mouth inside the drinks?! I also don't eat anyone's left overs. 

I never knew this was up for sharing until I went to Uni and a friend wanted to borrow pant from me. Whaaaaaaat? Panties?! Needless to say the friendship was over after that day because she felt like i was displaying that "we were not that close". Girl, I won't even share panties with my mother. 

Just because this is not hygienic to share! You easily cut yourself with a blade and this is how some infections get transmitted. So I don't share this.  

I have been very content with my own from a young age. If I have only 1 black skirt and 2 shirts I would rock it everyday. I never liked sharing clothes, never. But this was a common practice in Uni and I could never understand it!

This should go without saying that people should not share husband and wives but these days I don't know what is going on. Intimacy between two people should be sacred, I don't get how people can share their body with two people back to back. It confuses me and will never be normal. 

Tell me if you are like me, what can you share? LOL 


  1. Hahahaha. This is hilarious. You actually have your own toilet?! I hate using public toilets to be honest. And I don't like using common spoons and forks. People share panties? Weird. I know in high school, people would ask to borrow panties but only if you had NEW unworn ones.

    I wrote a similar post on my blog last year about sharing stuff as couples (such as toothbrush) an it's arguably had the highst number of comments till date. It was hilarious ---- http://www.kacheetee.com/blog/2016/8/12/love-you-boo-but-cant-share-your-toothbrush-sorry


    1. LOL i am sooooo happy that I have that toilet!

  2. You are not alone. I am like you.

  3. How can someone want to share pant??? Do they fear God at all? Lol

    So do you have your own special set of cutleries at home? I kinda find that extreme.

    Not sharing clothes is a sign of being content with what you have.

    1. I was soooooooo confused when she asked me! I think I am a pretty content person. Hmmmmm.... the cutlery one gets an eye roll every time

  4. Hey sisi,i'm with u on most of these. I really think some things are personal and should remain so. I'm just trying to imagine the idea of sharing a tooth brush in my head. I don nearly vomit sef. Kai! I dey imagine d part u will take the brush to ur throat area so as to freshen up ur breathe and then someone else will put it in their throat too...uhrrrrr! What of using the part of towel the other person take clean their yansh and kpekus to wipe ur face. Imagine if its a she and on her period! Gosh! I don't want to imagine it o! I cant share pants, bra, hairnet, sponge, roll-on, socks, cups,lip gloss,lipstick, drinking bottle, weavon. I can manage to share spoon with my hubby and sister. Even, if I'm eating with someone and thy bend over the plate so that food can drop into the plate from their mouth, I'm. So done. I no chop again o.

    1. ha ha ha naim i dey talk na! Dem fit don use the towel wipe their yansh, me I will now use to to clean my face. LOL Plix I am not sharing

  5. And this one just made my day. I identify with 1,5,6 and the last one. Especially the last one

  6. I cant share my Boxers lol, My sis Wears them sometimes.. i get really uoset, My name's Femi, sent a DM on FB..i hope you'd reply, i blog at femidavid.blogspot.com

    1. LOL tell her to leave your boxers alone !!!!! I'll check my DM

    2. lol..Alright ma.. You'd Check Your DM?? I'd Be Glad Really

  7. Well, just like you, those things shouldn't be shared at all. Especially the sharp objects. Diseases can be easily transferable so it's best to keep certain things private. You girl, are one hell of a girl.

  8. And this is my first time of hearing that people share pants! Didn't even know that was possible. Anyway I have never shared pant or toothbrush with anyone (even hubby) and I do not intend to.

  9. Can't believe you used to walk around with cutlery in your bag hahahaha. I'm with you on most other things sha. Cups/straws I actually don't mind depending on who it is. As for the sponge, that's exactly me - I always check to see if my sponge is wet lol!

    Lou | reallifewithlou.com

  10. That girl that ask for pant 'pata' needs Jesus, seriously!! Lol sisi ur own too much na I can relate with some but not all oo #sisiyemmmieblogaddict#

  11. YEYYY!! sisi is back!! with a bang!! SIS dear, are you sure you aren't my long lost twin? kinda like we were seperated at birth; see me validating as i read on, point after point. I absolutely do not like sharing all of what you listed! And like you, you should see the way i have my 'guest' toilet under lock down for my personal use. Hubby just can not understand. It was such a releif when we moved house and got this 3 bedroom 4 bath apartment.

    Already anticipating your next post ooo. please don't fall our hands ooo

    1. lol.. I blog at femidavid.blogspot.com can you review the blog?? Thank You

  12. This is sooooo me!!!! Every single one!


  13. So cool
    I've never liked the idea of sharing clothes with people either

  14. I'm like you more or less like you, there are so many things I can't share.


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