So I got mail and I believe it will be great if everyone pitches in with a word or two for this lady. Sometimes it's easier to accept the truth when it is objective and coming from people that don't even know you. 

Dear Sisi, "I am 25yrs old,the first of 5 children and a nurse/midwife. I am engaged to the "love of mg life" I met him when I was 15yrs+ when I followed my cousin to his place, I fell in Love with him as soon as I met him,his mom loved me so much for him...long story cut short we started dating for like 4yrs before he traveled to London,prior to his travelling he was a very jealous person,hr chose my friends for me,he never allows me to give anybody my number he even stopped me from talking to the friends I made before him,I thought it was all love until the day he slapped me,chain Auntie sisi I saw stars they were not there(this all happened before he went to London). 

When he finally traveled we broke up because I could not anymore his "checkmating" attitude was too much. Sometime last year I met a man via my sister,he was my sisters friend,lives in Australia and he's 35,I met him June last year and he came to Nigeria to see me in August. As soon as he saw me he liked me,he treated me like a queen,he respected me,he didn't pressurize me for s** whatsoever. He introduced me to everyone as d woman he wants to marry,all went on smoothly until January this year when my ex called me after 3yrs that he wants us back,auntie Sisi I was blinded by d first love thing and all that rubbish and told the Australian bobo to leave me alone that am no longer interested. I agreed to marry my ex,his family n friends came to my house with drinks,Sisi it was a big engagement party. Now my fiance has changed my number,deleted NY acct on Facebook,has my gmail password,removed Mr from Instagram and now controls my life! To top it up he needs run down of how I spend d money he gives me monthly. He even says if I need money outside the one he gives Me that I should ask my parents and other family members. Auntie sisi am tired. I just want to break out but my dad is a very principled man. He sees engagement as marriage. If I marry this man I would live unhappy all my life. Please help me. Please!

P.S he even said I should not talk to my sisters boyfriends that I should never try to get close to them. That one weak me!"


  1. Break off the engagement before you tell your dad. Do this by informing his people first. A broken engagement is better than a daughter lost. Tell your dad. Such jealous men can kill!

  2. Run!! Do you hear me??!!! Run!!!!!!

    Pull ya shoes, put them on ya head and do Usain Bolt!!! You would end up being miserable. Trust me. People like him don't he is insecure.

    I understand your dad's view that engagement is a big deal....but wouldn't it be a bigger deal if you end up being unhappy in your marriage. Marriage is a big deal. You shouldn't be made to feel caged. The fact that he even hit you in the past is a red flag that if you "mess up" aka disobey him, you would see more than stars. He will beat you silly, after all, where are you going to? Shey you are married to him aka his property.

    I won't blame you for going back to him as we have all done silly things in the name of love. But if he loves you, he won't try to control you or even hit you.

    1. Babe if you don't want to end up dead or miserable for life,just do the right thing,RUN,your life is better than your dad's principles. Abeg break off the engagement now that you still have time.

    That relationship is a toxic one!Break up very fast if you don't want to live the rest of your life time in bondage.Open up to your matured cousins,aunts and uncles about your decision.Get an elderly family member your dad respects to help you talk to him after you might have broken up with your fiance first.A broken engagement is far better than a divorce!A word is enough for the wise! Peace...

  4. Is your father the one to marry the man
    Remember that when you are married, everyone will see you as an adult even if they want to see you as a baby now

    Get a job
    If you are empowered you won't be thinking of chicken change that your fiancee gives you. Then money will not be a factor because you won't be pressured to date because of money



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  6. Only YOU can free yourself from that bondage. #Flee now.

  7. Only YOU can free yourself from that bondage. #Flee now.

  8. You know the answer to your question. You know the right thing to do, so do it. You don't even need premarital counselling for this one.

    Courtship is just a preview of what a marriage will be like.

    If you want to be miserable for the next couple of years, you know what to do

    If you want to be free, you know what to do.

  9. Sweetie,every lady deserves respect and some sense of privacy from her fiance or husband and if she ain't getting it,something is wrong with his security as a Man. I would advice you to quit it. A broken engagement is better than a broken marriage. What you are passing through is modern day slavery and you shouldn't be in that kind of mess.

  10. Sweetie,every lady deserves respect and some sense of privacy from her fiance or husband and if she ain't getting it,something is wrong with his security as a Man. I would advice you to quit it. A broken engagement is better than a broken marriage. What you are passing through is modern day slavery and you shouldn't be in that kind of mess.

  11. My dear, you already know the right thing to do, I guess you just want to hear it being said to you. Leave while u still can, infact run! you will find someone else that will make you happy n respect you. #sisiyemmieblogaddict#

  12. I think he's too possessive. Perhaps in the future,he wouldn't even want you to work just so you don't mix up with other people.So babe,you're a grown woman.You have to make choices for yourself in life. Don't let your dad or anyone take your happiness away from you cos life is just too short. Annul the engagement!


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