Children get the proper formal education from their various schools because parents see to it that they attend the best schools they can afford. So what kind of education would you provide for them at home, to balance the scales of what they learn everyday?

Are you perhaps thinking culture? Yes, I am and this Christmas might be a great time to start. If we do not ensure that children have reasonable knowledge about our heritage, we risk cultural erosion. It is not uncommon to see Nigerian children who were born and raised in this country but cannot speak their native language. As a matter of fact, some parents believe that for their children to speak flawless English or French is way better than them speaking Yoruba or Igbo or Hausa. 

Can you understand the deep rot this kind of situation will have on Nigeria in 5 generations to come? There will be a very ridiculous percentage of Nigerians speaking their mother tongue. Don’t even get me started on places. To a lot of people, Nigeria ends in Lagos or in whatever city their parents live in. 

There are places of deep and rich cultural values with so much history that will be forgotten if we do not act fast and resuscitate our love and respect for our heritage. For instance, a lot of people have heard about the NOK culture but very few people know of the NOK village in Kaduna state.

We have been actively complaining about the loss of our culture but how many of us actually do something about it?

We can begin to change the status quo by doing the following:

1. Get your children cultural learning aids this Christmas: Don’t be alarmed, a learning aid can be something as simple as a well thought out toy that is a lot of fun but helps your children to learn about Nigeria. Asides from toys, there are channels that are run only in specific Nigerian languages. You will be surprised by how much your child will learn from listening to people speak the local language, and the amount of knowledge they will rack up from the educational toys.

2. Teach them about the other places in the Nigeria: Again, to some children, Nigeria ends where their state ends. There are educational toys that give detailed or fun description about states of Nigeria their natural resources and what is special about each of them.

3. Spend Time with Them: Your children need to know that you are not just dumping all your culture love on them but that you are also passionate about it therefore you are willing to spend your spare time discussing Nigeria and what the country means to you.

4. Start Shopping Now: Put all of the three points noted above together and start looking out for educational toys that can help you out. It might seem like a fairly easy thing to do, but once you delay it till the last minute, it's not exactly easy anymore. You end up grabbing what you see in sight.

Let us start from the basics, let us infuse in our children a love/desire for Nigeria to enable them develop a passion for the advancement/progression of our economy, country and continent.

We all can make Nigeria great again and ensure that what we leave for our children and their children is a Nigeria they would be proud of and want to sustain.

Ethan and Harriet, through its puzzles provides a fun way to assess this knowledge and start to lay a foundation for the great Nigeria we all wish for our children to have and cherish tomorrow.

Beyond just being a jigsaw puzzle that helps visualize Nigeria and see how it fits together state by state, also highlighting features and attributes. The puzzles help stir up conversations around/about Nigeria that we would not ordinarily discuss. To really get us thinking – how did we get from there (the good old days) to where we are now? So we can learn and understand how to move our nation forward restoring Nigeria to her lost glory.

Our country Nigeria is a place we must all be proud of. We MUST raise our kids to cherish, nurture and respect her. Only then can we begin to truly develop as a nation.

The Ethan & Harriet Lift n Learn Magnetic Puzzle and Family Floor Nigeria Puzzle are examples of how we can bridge this culture gap and solve the problem. They are the kind of educational toys you want your children to have.

They are well thought out and are specifically interested in ensuring your children have fun while learning.
The puzzles are available to buy now online and in-stores and make for great gifts this Christmas. Don’t be left out.  Get yours now!!!


ETHAN & HARRIET Lift n Learn Magnetic Puzzle

  • ·      Wooden magnetic jigsaw puzzle
  • ·      Teaches about Nigeria’s history, culture and heritage
  • ·      Fun, educative, engaging and interactive way to learn about Nigeria
  • ·      37 magnetic puzzle pieces – they can stick to the fridge and magnetic boards
  • ·      Each state is represented by a puzzle piece; with the state outline and capital under the pieces
  • ·      Fun illustrations about each state e.g Borno, the home of peace represented by the peace sign
  • ·      Fun facts and other geographical tidbits included on the back of the board
  • ·      Functions as a current affairs and reference material
  • ·      It’s great for kids (and adults too)
  • ·      We can all learn about Nigeria, her history, geography and more

ETHAN & HARRIET Family Floor Nigeria Puzzle

  • ·      JUMBO cardboard jigsaw floor puzzle of the map of Nigeria
  • ·      Teaches about our historical and cultural heritage
  • ·      Makes for hours of fun and learning
  • ·      Made of durable, extra-thick cardboard pieces
  • ·      When assembled the size is a whooping 60cm x 90cm (that’s large)
  • ·      Comes in a fancy blue box that makes for great storage.
  • ·      Apart from the 51 sturdy interlocking pieces, you’ll also find a picture leaflet in the box which shows how the pieces fit together
  • ·      The state names and capitals are written on the colourful pieces
  • ·      And you would find that the state pieces are adorned with beautiful illustrations of the state’s motto
  • ·      Can be used by groups – great way to learn team work
  • ·      A great tool for team building, family bonding.
  • ·      It also provides an avenue for family/friends to spend quality time together whilst playing and learning about our history and cultural heritage.


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