Monday, August 17-TECNO Colored an Island somewhere in Lagos to unveil the much talked about Photo focused CAMON C8 smart phone.

In a bid to maximize the impact of communication on its target audience, the leading OEM Company in Africa kick started first-of-its kind phone photography challenge online with #CaptureLifeFive13

“We wanted to be very practical and we felt social media will give us the playroom needed to show Nigerians what VISIDON Phase Contrast can do in a camera phone . TECNO CAMON C8 equipped with 13MP rear camera has focus speed second only to the amazing human eye.”- Jesse Oguntimehin, Digital Marketing Manager, TECNO Mobile Nigeria.

Winners were selected from the #CaptureLifeFive13 photo challenge based on creativity and originality of their shots; particularly those taken in low light conditions which captures a strong USP of TECNO’s flagship camera phone. 

For the lucky contestants, each got a surprise call from TECNO Mobile, chauffeured in a Range Rover limousine to the launch venue of TECNO CAMON C8 where a TECNO CAMON C8 smart phone, Oraimo Bluetooth headsets and Oraimo Selfie stick awaited them- courtesy of TECNO Mobile. They also joined the TECNO team on an idyllic trip to paradise where all low light pictures come out perfect!

“It was a mesmerizing experience- trip of my life-and actually, all the shots taken with my new CAMON C8 were breathtaking-the phone is no bluff.”- Betty Adu – #CaptureLifeFive13

Other pictures from TECNO CAMON C8 launch

Here’s a link to the video that fully shows all the fun, laughter and excitement shared at the Paradise Experience: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFRdhdL-pho

TECNO CAMON C8 is available at mobile phone retail outlets in Lagos and other regions in Nigeria. Recommended retail price is N25, 800. 


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