Even Doubting Thomas will agree Camon C8 can take low-light pictures without stress 

When this rave hit the social media and pips went all out with C8 snapping pictures and posting them online with the hashtag #CaptureLiveFive13 I thought… 

Q: “Well, what’s the biggie?” 

A: “13.0MP Rear auto focus Camera with Dual (natural color) Flash… My dear, Camon C8 is the biggie” 

Not that I cared so much but then again I guess, that’s because I didn’t know what the ability to take pictures in low-light really meant for a phone, 

after all… 

Q: Can’t every smart phone with a flash or even Dual Flash kpa-kpa, snap picture in the evening? 

I’ll answer that question- like a true Nigerian, with another question. 

AQ: “Who said low-light is about whether your phone can snap pictures in the evening? Every Phone with camera can snap a picture in the evening na! 

Low-light cameras are different 

Low-light camera is about the image clarity, definition and how the phone makes use of the small light available to capture amazing pictures and selfies whether in evening, at dimly lit places or night sef.” 

I’m not forming Mr. Lecturer here, no. (See one of the pictures I took with C8) 
I got to know the full gist around Camon C8 from a friend. He’s one of those posting #CaptureLiveFive13 pictures, especially those taken at night or evening time and he took all his shots with a TECNO Camon C8! 

I took him on a spin one evening so that I-doubting Thomas, can prove this Low-light tingy na plenty talk. He accepted my challenge, in fact, he gave me the phone to snap the pictures myself and I was impressed-humbled I should have said. 

See the other picture 
Now, having repented from my doubting Thomas-hood, I throw a challenge to my readers. 

The first to guess the right locations I took these pictures with Camon C8 (one at night and the other in the morning), will WIN N1000.00 Recharge card voucher on me-I’ll transfer it to the Winners’ Phone No. Kpam!


  1. The second pix is Broad Street
    not sure of the pix

  2. Cms, marina lagos. The buildings are sterling towers and UBA

  3. this is marina. lagos !! the picture is wow :) . my number is - 08168140694

  4. its the Island. Precisely Marina.

  5. that building is Sterling Towers in Marina. the other building is where Shell's office is. precisely Marina.

  6. The first picture was taken on the outer marina road, on your way to CMS showing sterling towers building, while the second picture was taken at broad street.

  7. Even if I stare at them forever I won't be able to guess. Give up!


  8. me no be Lagos girl so i no know....but guess the camera is nice...

  9. The picture quality is great. Wow

  10. Tecno just keeps getting better and better

  11. Why would this phone be compared to iPhone 6 tho?

  12. (the last pix) The location is Marina, close to CMS busstop where they have UTC buillding . the long road leads to where they have CBN, FCMB, broadstreet.


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