Raise your hands if you never liked Garden eggs growing up...I never did and I only managed to eat it once in a while with the peanut sauce that was sold with it. Later later sha i discovered this deliciousness called Garden Egg sauce and it is a perfect combo for boiled yam or potatoes. Let me show you how to prepare it-very very easy. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel.
Garden Eggs/Aubergines
Mackerel fish (smoked or boiled)
Palm oil
Salt to taste

  • Boil garden eggs for 5 minutes, pour cold water and peel off the skin. Some people don't like to peel it but i always do.
  • Chop the garden eggs or mash them
  • Blend pepper, tomatoes and onions very roughly and set aside.
  • In a pan, heat up palm oil then add your onions. Usually add my maggi and salt at this stage.
  • When the onion is fried, add you tomato, pepper onion mixture and stir. Allow to cook till it's almost done.
  • Debone your fish whether smoked or boiled and add to stew, then add the garden eggs and crayfish.
  • If you find that your sauce is a bit dry you can add water or stock if you have. Allow to simmer and it's ready.

So easy abi?

You can watch the video below to see it in action


  1. This is how my daddy makes it. I love Garden egg sauce

    1. Will love to try it. Please which Garden egg? the big white ones or the green ones?

    2. @ivie9ja are u sure u are not make sister? Cos my dad can make garden egg sauce for Africa. So nice

  2. So Nice Sisi ...will try this out...but where can I find garden eggs in the UK?........Thanks for the recipe......

  3. I love and eat this stew but I still find it hard to eat fresh garden egg.

  4. At partsy, u can use aubergine...

  5. This is my mum's home town meal. She is from Ondo and I know I ate lots of this as a child. I am hungry

  6. Ate this many years ago in NY, in my Benin family friends house. It was tasty but I avoided the chunks of aubergines in it. Thanks for the option to mash it. I blended mine into a thick paste. I cooked this today for the week to eat with plantain and yam. Yummy.


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