You see, I've spent a great portion of my life on Third Mainland bridge, I used to work in Marina so everyday I would go back and forth from the Mainland to Marina-it is quite a drive and I never looked forward to it especially on those days wey traffic don bellup everybody. Like a tweet I once read, when Lagosian's die, angel Gabriel gats give them extra years to come back and spend on earth just because of the number of times in their lives they were sha stuck in Lagos traffic. You gree?

Ehen, since I've spent a lot of time on Third Mainland Bridge you can be sure I've had time to reflect, especially while driving. Let me share some of my thoughts with you. 

Never Say Never
When I used to come to Lagos in those days I would be so scared whenever we got on Third mainland Bridge-my heart will just be doing gbim gbim, gbim! In fact when I moved to Lagos I swore I would always dodge that bridge -I was so scared! But how I wan do am? I got a job on the other side of Lagos and then that bridge wey I talk say I go dodge became my normal route. Never say never people.

Stay On Your Lane
Sometime's when I start at the bridge-thee are some cars that we enter at the same time but some are faster than others, some people drive slow and steady, others are fast and furious. One time I got into an unhealthy competition trying to race one car until I remembered-"I nor know where this other person in this car come from, I nor know where e dey go, why we dey race?"It taught to to avoid unhealthy competition and stay in my lane. 

No Need To Rush
We start from the beginning of the bridge together , some cars go very fast, others go slow. You look at the fast ones and say "kai, that one don go" only to drive a few meters and you catch up with them, because, traffic dey. In life I now understand that although everybody's race is different, everybody's timing is different, we all will end up in the same place, but at different times. 


  1. Nice write up sisi, however we do not all end up at the same place. Where we end up in life is largely determined by our decisions and choices.

  2. I love you Yemisi. I love how you take 'normal' stuff and turn them inspirational. love to Titobz.

  3. True talk...the race is not always to the swift. it's all about the timing of life and the chances we get.

  4. Great lessons on Third Mainland bridge

  5. nyc post and great application to real life events


  6. I could live your life for 5 years! Am so proud of u! I hope titobi is behaving and pray God brings bobo back safely. take care

  7. Sisi I'm a guy and I love your blog... Funny most of the things here are feminine lol I just love your blog and greet your son ooo. Here na my question if I have an article to share to the world and send to you would you post them? If you think they are wealthy for your blog.


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