WHAT IT IS LIKE #BeingFemaleInNigeria

When I logged in to twitter today I stumbled on this hashtag #BeingFemaleInNigeria and decided to join in. I read so many tweets relating to the hashtag and I could relate with almost everything that was shared. Kudos to the ladies that kicked off the conversation on twitter Florence , Tinu and their book club members who were inspired by Chimamanda's book. 

Chei! Being a female in Nigeria is not easy oh but I don't think we have it the worst, however , it is still not the best. It comes with certain challenges. 

I remember one time I had a driver in my car, but I sat in the front passenger seat, na so the security guard of the place we went to ignore my jovial greeting and my extended hand (I had a small token to give him), he went straight to "bros". "Bros I hail O" he said, then added, "anything for the boys?" 

"Bros" driver looked at him and said, "na my madam siddon here so, nothing I get". 

You should have seen how gobsmacked the security guard was. "Ah, sister nor vex"

E mi ke? I nor vex at all. Nothing sha for the boys! I pocket my change.

I'm sure you've had experiences and I'll love for you to share! See some of the interesting tweets I found below (including mine). By the way, if you're not on twitter, you are on a looooog thing! Join the conversation! Our tweets made it to BuzzFeed!


  1. Mark Amaza, God bless you for ur response. To think that that came from a man is applauding. I am in that same situation. Hubby has the problem but everyone thinks is me including his family. Most times I say to my self that I wanna come back to this world a man. The world and society is not fair to women. Again, I think we (women) allowed the world and society confines us. Who is this society and what is this society? It is a question I keep asking myself. Sigh...

  2. #Beingfemaleinnigeria You decide to pursue graduate school at 23 after completing undergrad, you're questioned about how you will have time to get married and have kids while in graduate school. Marriage and kids, marriage and kids, everything revolves around marriage and kids

    #Beingfemaleinnigeria A woman laments about their husbands infidelity. She's told to be grateful that he provides for the family because all men cheat

    #Beingfemaleinnigeria A woman complains about her husbands being physically or verbally abusive. She's asked "what are you doing to provoke him?"

  3. Na wa for waec. Oya lemme goan twèet my own and tag @sisitemmie

  4. #BeingFemaleInNigeria Went with hubby to see a fertility doctor. They asked that the file be opened in my name and i asked "what happens to my hubby, we are here together. Is he gonna have his own file"

  5. @chioma said it all, I have ur type at home, very useless talk, can you imagine the nonsense.

  6. My husband was driving. I sat next to him, saw the close gateman and told him to stop so I can give him N500.00 for the weekend. The gateman took the money, walks over to the driver side and thanked my husband.
    I sent money to my mother in-law FROM MY SALARY. She calls/sends sms to my husband to thank him for the money he sent to her through me. Oh dear...#BeingFemaleInNigeria

  7. Its so disgusting! These days they ask me if I'm a lesbian because I do not "think" like the average Nigerian girl.... What does that even mean? So am I supposed to be the "male girl"?

  8. I can't believe that there is only 1 comment. Thought this thread would be on fire!!! So interesting.... Am not in Nigeria but have definitely experienced most of the tweets above during my short stay there and even over the shores re: marriage marriage marriage!!!!

  9. So true. Being female in Nigeria
    www.debrasmuse.co o

  10. #beingfemaleinnigeria
    Prior to marriage,
    - Don't buy yourself a car
    - Don't build yourself a house
    - Don't rent a luxury apartment
    - Don't try to become CEO
    Because you'll chase men away.....
    - Don't bother giving a smart reply to all the don'ts
    You too dey ask questions....

    1. I dont have any of this but i am aggressive cos i dont take crap nor cheating men...me too sef chase men away o

  11. You have a job and supports ur hubby financially yet do all d house chores alone bcos its ur duty. Then I ask what is d duty of d man at home?

  12. @TC your comment is so on point, i had a friend in this situation once and i kept asking myself what is then the duty of a man in the home? a woman works just like the man, probably harder, and you still want her to do all the chores in the house? its so annoying.

  13. Oh yeah, being a women needs to face lots of challenges. Kudos to the women in Nigeria. You ladies are rocking!


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