My people how una dey? ow was your weekend? Mine was good-PHCN has been good lately sotay dem don dey make fear catch this the change? I like this kain wind of change oh. How's power in your area? I'm also loving this rainy season- I can stay home all day and share a cosy cuddle with Chief... I love cuddling him and...wait for it... sniffing his mouth! LOL. Babies have the freshest breath. Kilzes!

Enough baby talk! I think I had enough activity this weekend sha so much that I couldn't make it all...I'm just one person! I'll tell you what I did though- I went to a new restaurant-I enjoy going to new places and I enjoy eating. Where did I go? You'll find out later on this week! But first of all, pless  ya hand on the comment button (Kai! I miss the Dame)...pless it quick if you want to want to win airtime recharge!

My little cousin had her introduction on Saturday and as I was just at the event observing everything and wondering how the younger ones are all grown and getting married...I realised there are older family members looking at me too and doing the same thing i.e looking at me and wondering how the small Yemyem of those days is now married and rocking a baby. LOL.


On Saturday night we went to see a play-I LOVE these stage plays ever since I got introduced last year. What we saw was #HearWord which was such a brilliant play that highlights the issues of women in our society- about how female children are not considered as children in some homes, about traditions and cultures that destroy women, about domestic violence, about rape and other forms of sexual abuse about how women don't even support women and so much more. Women go through a lot in Africa oh. 

I always feel so bad when I go to these plays and I always wish I went with you all so you can see how good it was and I don't have to describe it because you already know. It was so funny! I filmed some clips but later on we were told not to share it on social media...but we can share some photos sha!
Fabulous actresses of different ages...talent.
Hilarious but real when they said in Nigeria some families only start counting children from the "first penis"
I was pleasantly surprised by Ufuoma Ejenobor's acting. I'm a new fan!
They even did Shoki for us...LOL. See mama Joke Silva at the back.
Lighting, acting...everything on fleek!
I spent last night-into the morning on BET watching The Real...I have a girl crush on Adrienne Bailon-she's soooo cute and Tamera is just too sweet! TBH I love that show! I wish we had a lot of Nigerian shows like that...good quality, fun, creative and great content! Do we? If we do, please hook me up! By the way what do you like to watch on TV?

Shout out to all of my fabulous  readers who come over to say hello when they see me about make it worthwhile. Have a blessed week! 


  1. PHCN has been so good to me. We had light throughout the whole weekend. This is the kind of change I want!

    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. hi sisi yemmie, am a the real fan and also have a crush on adriene, ow's baby

  3. Wind of change never reach my side. I had a wonderful weekend all the same.

  4. Wow! D's is my first time commenting, just found your blog out n I've bin living on it. Lovyu ma, u inspire me!

  5. Yeah I love the real too.

  6. Did I pless the comment button fast enough?

    Love the play and happy new week sisi yemmie!

  7. I have heard alot about this play, I think I should see it. Your Lil man is growing in leaps and bounds.

    How to make a cute headband with an old shirt

  8. Nice one sisi

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  11. asin... phcn has been good here too! (reporting, live from ago palace way, okota)

  12. Where do u watch these stage plays ?

  13. Love to watch Wendy, The Real Housewives ( of Beverly Hills and Atlanta only though), recently starting keeping up with the Kardashians- just to be up to date on this Bruce/Caitilyn Saga, I watch a lot of God tv- Creflo Dollar, David Ibiyemio.
    I'm currently keeping up with Empire but that's every Tuesday- So pissed someone tampered with my Tivo and mistakenly cancelled yesterday's recording, I began watching being Mary Jane and really thought it interesting - until they sprung gay sex on me out of the blues- I truly wasn't expecting or wanting to visualize that so my senses were raw for a while after- I deleted all of the recording and haven't watched an episode since then.
    Long list Abi?
    I'm on leave and have all this ample time on my hands. I'll need to kill my TV soon tho.

  14. watch ur view on TVC (local station) evry week day 9 am,its quite familiar to d view nd the real


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