It's been a while since I did a restaurant review and now I don't need to explain myself anymore -you know why I couldn't na. LOL. 

Myself Bobo and Chief went there-our first review together-Chief was such a good baby because he slept all through! So Bobo and I decided to visit this new spot in Lekki, it's BLD by Play. BLD stands for Breakfast Lunch Dinner and from what I gather, "PLAY" is a happening club in the Buj (Abuja). We planned to go for the breakfast but Chief kept me up all night and before I could gather myself out of the house it was 2:00pm. Nothing spoil.

There were 3 different areas because it was a combination of a restaurant, bar and lounge...I liked it. They had a lounge are called The Louvre-beautiful decor. Then there was the roof top bar which I liked also-you can just chill there make breeze dey blow you and you can have a good view of the Lekki area. We spent most of the time in the restaurant downstairs.
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The restaurant
The lounge area-Louvre
Female toilet
The rooftop bar

There were about  food items on display, Jollof rice, Coconut rice, Dodo, Chicken and Corn soup,Peppered Gizzard, Yam porridge, Spaghetti and Cheese, Potato something, Corned beef stew, Orange Chicken, Fried Yam, and Fish in butter and something-they didn't write the name and I have forgotten, but that was my favourite item. 

So now to what we had- I had the Jollof and mixed it with Coconut rice, then I added that Fish in butter something- it was so yummy that I had to go for round two of that fish. The Jollof rice is better than average and they could do better with the coconut rice but the sauce really helped. I used the Peppered Gizzard for the Jollof and the Fish sauce for the Coconut Rice = make sense.  I had another round of Yam Porridge and Orange Chicken- the Yampo was really good-it had vegetables in it. 
Yam porridge
The fish in something
My first round!

I ordered for a glass of Chapman -which I actually really liked-the only Chapman I like better than theirs is the one I had at Grills In and Out. I tasted Bobo's Pina was just there. 
Pina colada

This is the cheapest buffet I know in Lagos wey make sense; it was N2500 per person and remember there were about 12 items on display - not counting the salad bar.  The Pina Colada was N2000 (well, this one is expensive sha) . The Chapman was 1500. E be like say we make up for the buffet price with the drinks. We bought a bottle of water too...If there's anything I could change about restaurants that serve buffets it is this! Give us free water-a bottle of water is only N50...

Here are a few pointers I'd like to give (hopefully the management reads this): 

1. Train your waiters and staff to be more proactive-this place opened like 2 weeks ago, I expected someone to suggest something on the menu, tell us that there was a lounge inside and upstairs-just give us a warm welcome. 

2. Dear management, give us 1 free bottle of water for each person that pays for a buffet-this will be a major selling point since I don't think any restaurant in Lagos does this. Even that Intercontinental Hotel where we paid like 10k did not give us water upon all our money. Please consider this. 

Will I go back again? Of course! Where else will see buffet at N2500? 

Have you ever been to BLD? What was your experience like?
15a Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1 (beside Chicken Republic)


  1. Great review! They should pay you for this oooo

    1. Abi??? Especially for the recommendations Sisi gave them. Very thoughtful. Honest review, nice place. #LifestyleBlog

  2. O I saw you, no wonder I thought you looked familiar.

    I had a completely diff experience tho, the variety was poor and apart from the potato and fish thingy and salad I'm not sure anything is worth coming here for

  3. O I saw you, no wonder I thought you looked familiar.

    I had a completely diff experience tho, the variety was poor and apart from the potato and fish thingy and salad I'm not sure anything is worth coming here for

    1. U wan chop heaven and earth on top 2,500?

  4. wow great! please visit my blog

  5. Loool... Nice! The food looks yummy share.

  6. I went to this place on the day they launched,with my friend and it was pleasant for me, the food was good and I specifically loved the sweet potato fries. Great review sisi

  7. Sisi Yemmie! You can eat sha..loool.. jollof rice, coconut rice, yam porridge! Haaa! Chief must be doing a lot of breastfeeding! (I'm guessing the portions were small though..typical naija style). Una well done!

  8. Yeah..the place is quite had good food and cheap buffet. I was there yesterday with a friend who took me there.He's been telling me about this nice rooftop lounge in Lekki. So I decided t o check it out.We got there by 10pm and I decided to upstairs and check it out before having dinner.The bouncer at the gate refused to let us in saying it's filled up and the only space left were already reserved. We were surprised because it's still early for a typical Lagos night for any lounge to be packed full at the time.Anyway, we decided to go straight to the restaurant and have dinner. While we were eating we saw people going up several times and some people were also leaving too.After the meal,me and my friend decided to go up thinking by then there would be space.The bouncer still insisted that the place was full we can't go upstairs. It was shocking because right there in front of us people were leaving and people were going upstairs. So I didn't really understand why he kept insisting that the place was packed full and we can't go upstairs. I was properly dressed in a knee length skirt and long sleeve lace top and my friend who's white was properly dressed.He was also surprised since he said he's been going there regularly at least once in a week and even earlier and later than 10pm a he's never had any issues.I told the bouncer that that was my first time..but since the place was full we are not going to stay but I just want to take look in a minute and will would leave immediately. But he still refused.It was really annoying and embarrassing but I believe the bouncer was just lying and really don't understand his reason for not letting him in.My friend is familiar with the manager and I asked him to go back there another time to report the issue with him because th bouncer's attitude was degrading.I am also personally going to see the manager whenever I have the chance because the incident left a soured taste in my mouth and spoilt my mood last night.The place is still too new for the bouncers to start giving selective treatments to customers.We were there to spend our money so they should treat people appropriately.


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