Once upon a time I used to wonder why some of my friends who are mothers always claim they have "no time" for anything fun other than facing their babies...I couldn't understand how busy that kind of life can be but make I tell una...that is what has been happening to me. I've not been able to really manage my time between blogging and mommyhood in the past 3 weeks and that's only because i'm trying to recover. For my mind before I be superwoman but I've come to realise sef I be human being oh *in Tuface voice

In superwoman fashion I attended the Peak at 60 event two weeks ago- I went with Bobo and Chief -the young man did not cry too much-in fact he slept through the noise until towards the end when he had to be fed and changed and that's when I realised attending an event with a baby is a whole other ball game. Game changer. However he's a good baby and does not cry much unless he poops, or  is hungry. Or wants to fart. Why am I talking about mess when I'm about to show you photos of food from the event? It was lovely! Lots to drink and lots to eat. 
Oh, I attended the Mother and Child  Expo that took place at the Haven-we got there late and when I mean late I mean, the event ends at 6:00pm, we got there like 5:45 pm. LOL. Almost everybody don pack shop but the good thing is I still met a few people and bought some much needed items. I especially loved these cute booties- I bought a pair.
Chief also got a free shoot that was on offer that day, so when you think about it, even though I spent only 20 minutes there, I got a lot done.

Ehen, there was one person selling rice there-the aroma of the rice dragged me from the car to where her stand was-I bought friedrice and jollof rice but guess what the jollof rice was quarter-to-sour when I took a taste, falling of hand. The friedrice was good sha and I could tell that if the J-rice was not getting bad it would have tasted nice. Just disappointing that I got sold sour rice :(

Last week as a Doroblogger (we need to move the ministry forward) I had an early mo-mo interview on CoolTV all the way in VI. I carried myself there and the baby and was a 7:00am interview so you know I had to be up early as 5:30 to do baby duties then add pancake to my own face. What helped was that it was democracy day so Third Mainland Bridge was so freeeeeeeee. 

While the interview was going on they flashed photos from the wedding and from just last year and I couldn't recognize myself...i looked so different from the person sitting in the studio but no wahala. I shall make sure I paste those pictures on my bedroom wall so I can work on getting back in shape but for now I'm taking it one day at a time-I cannot come and go and kill myself. But this is me 3 weeks after baby (I have a pregnancy and delivery post or video coming soon). Shout out to the sweet MissVeraNora for this beautiful skirt-I was meant to wear it while I was pregnant but couldn't because my bump was too big but now it's perfect especially because my tummy is still a bit big and this skirt covers a multitude of sins. 
VeraNora Skirt
My booskelebe and I
Hope everyone is doing well sha? I'm back to regular blogging so leggoooo!It's the 1st day in the month of June so have a wonderful month-the best is yet to come! Mwaaaaah!


  1. Finally we have Monday Chit-cha, Make I go read the post now

  2. That's really nice, what did you talk about on cool tv ?

  3. Aaaaaaw... Sisi Yemmie, God bless you, being a mother isn't easy one bit, I can relate

  4. More grace and strength from God for juggling into the motherhood, wifehood, and bloggerhood lifestyle.... I no easy eee...*in TwoFace voice.
    Chief is growing fast, see three week old baby.

    Weldone dear

  5. It seems like I blinked and you have a baby. Congrats again! Managing motherhood and everything aren't easy; but I trust you can. You look great...hello chief! ;)


  6. Awww, Sisi, you forgot to mention that today is Tuke Morgan's Birthday, your pink outfit reminds me of one I've seen on her blog.
    Chief is such a Cutie!!
    The food looks delicious too, Yu-mmy!

  7. Glad you're back Mami. Your baby is so cute.

  8. I love you Sisi..God bless you. And please dont feel the hollywood pressure to get back in shape two weeks after birth. We are real people and we understand the real struggle there is to gt back in shape.


  9. You look awesome ma'am,you're doin beautifully well for a first time mom,u re attending events n managin it quite well from d look of things,God bless u n ur household,warm kisses for chief,see his cheeks like mine lol

  10. You look lovely Sisi :-)

    Everything good will come!

  11. Aww my darling i owe you a vist. Good to have you back may God bless your family

  12. Welvome back Sisi! :) Congrats on your cute!!!

  13. are indeed super woman! I can't imagine getting all these things you are doing done with a baby in hand.....and thanks to bobo for helping you out like he does. For three weeks post baby, you look good o. Considering all the weight u gained in pregnancy....infact u dey glow sef. May God continue to bless ur hustle...try n still get more rest o. You actually needs lots of it to fully recuperate. May God b with u.

  14. Lovely pics and Cute babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Congratulations again and again... I trust you, you can handle everything well... Enjoy this precious gift of motherhood...God bless you and your family.

  16. Congratulations on joining the world of motherhood Sisi. From one mummy blogger to another... Don't worry, it's tough to find time but it gets easier! You are doing a fantastic job and look gorge!

  17. gosh now i want to have a baby.... sobs

    We talked a little longer about sports, books and movies.

    I was having a fantastic time.

    All that changed moments later.

    Ib suddenly gasped as she stared behind me.

    "What is it?"I enquired turning around to .......

    "Don't turn around!!!"she urged in a hushed tone.

    The once smiling Woman now had a terriffied expression on her face.

    "What???"I asked clearly alarmed.

    The look on her face was unsettling.

    She leaned forward against the table as if to tell me something grave.

    "Listen,...Lawrence!"she began.

    ".....I wasn't lying when I told you I was single....The thing is, Ex still wants me back....!"

    I sat there processing  what I'd just heard. continue reading

  18. Looking good Sisi.

  19. You are trying o. Just 3 weeks after you are already attending events.
    Well done.

  20. Congratulations sisi you are looking so good after 3 weeks. Motherhood rocks and may the Almighty continue to bless your family xoxo undiluted ijesha pikin

  21. Awwwh , correct superwoman...muah

  22. Sisi of life!Welcome back dearie.Mommyhood with blogging no be easy thing o but I belief God will help you and you will adjust with time.Kpele.You are not looking bad at all.Kudos to Bobo and kisses for

  23. Congratulations once more Sisi! You do not look like you've just given birth so no doubt you will be back to the shape you want to be in in no time!

  24. Shior! You didn't wait for the usual 41 days indoor as the Yoruba culture says? I am happy about this post, because I will show my hubby who could not give me a very good reason why a child should not be outside the home,( unless only to the hospital for immunization) until after 41 days. Hmm, this gives me an idea for a post ... Asking permission to link this post Iya Chief.

  25. Nice one. Great work here and nice recipes I must say ;) Closely following!


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