I don't watch a lot of TV but lately I do. I've started watching The Real, I love watching Modern Family, My Wife and Kids, Siba's Table (Her bumbum shaaaaaa) and once in a while Wendy Williams. 

So I was watching Wendy the other day (How you doin'!) and one of the guest in the audience had a question on if she should wait before having sex with this man she was dating as in all those "wait 3 months" before knacking akpako or do it on the first date as  e dey hot. 

Errrrm so aunty Wendy now told her that she needs to know if she's dating a boy or a man. That if it was a man, she does not need to wait because the man will be mature and not judge her for having sex on the first day but that if it's a "boy" then she can wait but then again who wants to be with a boy??? So good riddance to the boy if she has sex on the second or first date and the boy thinks she's an olosho.


In my words that was her answer. And then she followed it up saying that she would rather have sex with a man on the first date or second date so that she can quickly know if they are sezzzzzually compatible before giving the relationship a shot.

The babe that asked the question seemed satisfied with the answer and the audience clapped.

You know the world is really evolving now- I want to know what YOU guys think. When is the right time to have sex? And what do you think of the whole advice?


  1. I am a guy, well Somewhere beyond an alpha male, & personally if we have sex on the first date, that's the last time we'll see & it's gonna be good so she'll suffer for it, so Aunty Wendy's advice about sexual compatibility will only leave the girl very hurt cos if the sex is great & the guy ain't real, it's worse cos she'll feel she was really a bad bed for him. But making out can build a healthy enough tension to know if it's worth trying. That's if u're single... Wendy is a man & prolly has a penis so she's speaking from her alternating masculine self.

    1. LOOOOOOOOL! Omg!
      Def agree with no sex on a first date tbh.

  2. Ladies, when u give it up for a man easily, somewhere at the back of his mind he'll think that's how she gives it up for several other guys... So the date ended before it begun, and from that point it's hard to prove otherwise, just go with the flow & make him wait, if he gets tired of waiting too early then he ain't worth it, don't u think?

  3. How about after u get married...

  4. Without any religious reference, the cons outweigh the pros. What do you gain? Short-lived Pleasure? Knowledge about his ability & compatibility? And then what?
    All these can be learnt over time. I believe a good relationship is what enhances sexual compatibility not the other way round.

    What are the cons?
    1) Sexually transmied infections (condoms don't protect against all veneral diseases),
    2) a small risk of getting pregnant (no contraception is 100%) with a guy you've known 5 minutes
    3) yes, the impression you give the other person! If you can have sex with him just after one date, you can with another person and that puts him (a potential long term partner) at risk of all sorts!

    If you claim to be special & value yourself and your body, you do not just 'share' it with any Tom, Dick & Harry (pun intended) in the name of evolving.

    Finally, religion! Sex is spiritual and there are other implications aside from it being "sinful".

  5. I never really understood the whole 'wait to have sex' speech people throw around....The way I see it whether you have sex with him on the first date or the 30th date or the 70th date, it doesn't is what it is...

    Tibs Tells Tales

  6. Like you said, the world is definitely evolving. Sex on the first date is a definite "No, No". Except if you dont want too see him again or you are willing to be passed around his friends as a "free donor", then go for it on the first date........

  7. SEX? AFTER MARRIAGE. #dropsmic

  8. I think that being able to know if she's dating a man or a boy should take her a looong time......perhaps months into the relationship and then she may decide if he is a 'boy or a 'man', if he wants a relationship or if he just wants a fling. Judging physically if he is a man or a boy is not really ideal......but wait! who has sex on a first date?

  9. The right time to have sex is when you get married.

  10. i have spent a good part of my life in the western world, and i can say that the people on this side of the world very well do not revere sex the way we do on the othe other side. i have gone on several dates with guys who have at some point made me rethink my values by making me think that holding out is absolute madness.

    i am against the notion of a man that you just met even asking you to come to see him at home after the first date, if you want to get to know somebody, then spending time together in the dark under covers where u cannot see each others faces or reactions is not the way to go.IN MY OPINION

    some people like i have earlier mentioned feel like as a woman you are "damned if you do and damned if you DON'T " because a man can as well wait as long as you hold out and then eventually sleep with you and leave .

    my reason for holding out has nothing to do with religious beliefs like a previous commenter stated however, it has everything to do with my awareness of my self worth and respecting myself.

    yes the bible said do not fornicate, but then again again it also said do not steal or lie as well.

    let me use this opportunity to say this. whatever decision you decide to take on a first date, whether to drop your panties or hold out, let it be YOUR own decision, but not based of of what somebody else thinks or suggests

    as for me my pant will continue to stay on until Jesus comes HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    1. Love your comment. When legs keep crossed, no heart is broken. I am happily married. Waited till I got married at 26. Ladies succumbing to pressure to do it before they get married get their hearts broken. Those who wait attract men who respect their choice and are often responsible themselves.

  11. The world is evolving with evil on the rise. Na wah! I like Wendy's bad mouth but I don't buy her idea at all at all. Sex should be between a husband and his wife NOT between a man and a woman.

    Please visit,

  12. Sex on a first date it's a bad idea. It sends a lot of wrong signal.

  13. reading through this gist made me think that somehow my country folks have "evolved" and i didn't even notice...
    but i got to the comment, and i became sure that Naija people dey read this blog "#sex after marriage"

  14. Some pple can hv sex with a total stranger bcos they lack self control. I think u should know ur partner well before sex. Build trust n friendship first.

  15. These are interesting thoughts, thanks for sharing!

  16. A very tough question form MY SISI of LIFE.

    i don't have much to say you said above "And then she followed it up saying that she would rather have sex with a man on the first date or second date so that she can quickly know if they are sezzzzzually compatible before giving the relationship a shot." What if the guy is OKOBO?

    That would be too bad for the lady, so if i have sex with a girl on a first date...i can't judge her she is just being herself and that is all, and guys that have sex with their girl on first date and RUNSAWAY...i pity una...coz it's gonna happen to your sis. No be curse ooo

    Happy sunday the people of sisiyemmie's blog.

  17. Definitely after you get married... Also, now that you're married Sisi, do you see any possible pros to holding out till you walk down the aisle?

  18. What will be, will be... New age this one, sex on d first date is really not a big deal, as for the male folks that think walking out on a girl after sex would crumble their world, I need u to know that unless it is a rape situation, a woman that had sex with you today, did it because,she wants to and not because you gat a tight game... A woman can also walk out on a man after the first time...


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