Brethren, today's review is going to be slightly Unusual...Just read to know why. It all started when I got an email from DealDey for a 1500 naira Buffet in V.I. My eyes popped open and I quickly visited the DealDey page and secured the deal for myself, Bobo, Semilore's Mommy and Daddy. That was an offer that I didn't want to pass up on...so on the said date, we carried ourselves to Unusual Cuisine Restaurant in V.I.

I went with Semilore's mom, Dad and Bobo...I bugged them till they succumbed...the display pictures on that deal were stuck in my head and I had to just go there. We went there twice! Why? On the first day by the time we got there, you should have seen the queue, it was as if the whole of Lagos came to the restaurant...shuo. We just kuku turned back and went to Olobe to chop Amala. The next weekend we went again and that is what this review is about!

From the outside it looked like a bank, I think the building was a bank that was converted to a restaurant, you could still see the security door, but there was a side door that we went in through. I was not at all pleased with the decor, there were two floors and I noticed people kept going to the top floor to use the restroom, so out of curiosity I went there...it was not a good sight. It was filled with broken down furniture and dirt (things you don't want to see near food)...it was a small restaurant and for the kind of offer they put out, they could not contain it.  I get that.

Sigh...where should I start? When we got in, there was no one to attend to us to even let us know if we were at the right place, I approached a manager and told him I had vouchers from DealDey and he say make we just find anywhere siddon as there were no chairs. There were some couples ( 2 people) occupying a 6 person table and I had to explain to the manager that these people need to be placed on smaller tables so that others in bigger groups can use it...just basically explain ways for them to manage the situation. Oh dear...the manager, the attendants were so overwhelmed with work ... We ended up seating on one funny chair like that, Bobo and I on one bar stool, and Semilore's Mom and dad in another koro so we couldn't eat together.

Food nko? There will be eba but no soup. Jollof rice will appear and chicken will disappear, there was bread, but no butter. By the time the soup arrived, eba was cold. Ha ha ha. It was a matter of grab what you can find oh...as expected one man just provoked and was just cussing out the managers of the restaurant that he's been there for over an hour and no food...and I was disappointed to hear someone say "For N1500 what did you expect"? LOL. Shame catch me. This buffet na one chance. 
We still chop oh, we were starving and I talk say I must chop this their food by force to even see if it tasted nice...The rice was alright...nothing too fancy.

Well, everything cost 1500 per person... cheapest buffet ever abi? LOL. Oh well...awoof dey run belle.

I doubt that I will go there again... I did not like their hospitality (I get it that they probably did not expect the whole of Lagos) but still this buffet ran for like a month and we went on the last weekend, they should have picked up. I was not pleased with the taste of the food, and most of it was cold. Bobo, Semilore's mom and dad share my sentiments too. I have since been wary of those Deals on DealDey...One positive though... they gave us bottled water for free!!! 

Have you been to Unusual Cuisine Restaurant ? Maybe your experience was better than ours... tell !


  1. Awoof!awoof!awoof!
    What does it do? Run belle?

  2. Lol...sorry I'm laughing. I can imagine your experience. It was indeed an Unusual cuisine. Pele. Why didn't the restaurant just cater for the number of people they can manage? No! They want to collect all the money #naijastyle

  3. Lmao. That eyi's face says everything

  4. Oh sisi, I can imagine I am also wary of the deals on dealdey my experience with them isnt always the best especially when it's about food.

  5. Sisi, with the description of the restaurant, you were too generous with the rating. It should be 1 love at most.

  6. I love Unusual Cuisine though! Must have been a bad day because they're usually amazing. Try their ripe plantain hot pot with fish or their yam chips and beef stew, even their banga rice. Yemmie don't dull o.

  7. Lool this was so funny. What a restaurant. When I saw the beginning of the post, I was already racking my brain on how my mom can take me there, but after reading everything, I don't think I want to go again lol. xx

  8. OMG I am so glad you posted this!! I am an avid TWP reader as well and she has always praised this joint so I decided to pay them a visit last time I was in Lagos. Omo, the experience was terrible. First of all, the building was not the easiest to locate. Secondly, I went with my sister on a weekday for lunch so the place was practically empty but the food took forever to come I had to make them do takeaway! Yes, it was that serious. I got some the plantain hot pot, I tasted it and wasn't impressed (probably from vexation) but I made my sister take everything. I just branched to shoprite and had coldstone instead! Never again. I tire.

  9. Na wa ooh Sisi... ha the love for food + this awoof truly run your belle oooo..... I hope say you no go chop the one way you no go fit tell the story....loool. how far your big nigerian wedding contest? i ope say you win because i vote ehhn i think the people don recognize me
    ....Have a blessed week sisi..

  10. quite rubbish when I went there...your review is honest

  11. I was there too for that dealdey....I regret myself

  12. Aaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just have to comment o this one. My boo and i bought the deal as well on dealdey. We went there on a weekday and i must say it was a disaster! When we got there the atmosphere was so dull. Also, no one came to attend to us initially. It was tagged a 'business lunch buffet' but there was none of that. When the manager finally came to attend to us, he said there would not be a buffet but he'll give us lunch. That was annoying already. Then they brought us cold fish peppersoup without us even choosing what we wanted as a starter. Neither myself nor my fiance eat fish p.soup so we rejected it. Then they asked for 5mins to serve our meal and 1 hour after we were still waiting to be served. Eventually, we said we did not want the food anymore and they should give us the ice as take-away which the manager refused as he kept repeating 'We do not give takeaway for buffets'! Dude, we weren't even having a buffet!!! Finally a few customers had to talk to the manager and explain that they were in the wrong and they better appease us with the takeaway rice as we did not eat anything there (as there was noting offered). The takeaway small pack of rice was totally tasteless to. The icing on the cake was that there was no electricity and they turned on a small gen that could only carry 1 fan! in Lagos!! In the afternoon!!! in this HEAT!!!!!!! NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!! UNUSUAL CUISINE, SAKA TINUBU, VI IS VERY UNUSUAL. Y'ALL PLEASE STAYYYY AWAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  13. Ever since I found out the real deal about DealDey deals (hehehe) I have been extremely wary of the sorts of deals I buy from the site. I try as much to steer clear of service provision deals as I heard they take as much as 60% off the deal price, leaving the service provider with only 40%. So a deal that is N1000 for salon services for instance (which is prevalent here in Abuja), the service provider that does the lion's share of the work will get only N400. Imagine braiding your hair for N400, what kind of service will you get??? The catch for the service providers is usually publicity and new clientele base for their business. However, this is often defeated when they provide shoddy services, because (1) they can't keep up with the demand; (2) they are not getting much in return so they are not motivated to provide top notch services. Also, quite a few people for these reasons do not go back to patronise them. I have heard people complain about cakes gotten through DealDey deals that were absolutely awful. Then quite a few of the salon deals offer manicure, pedicure, fee washing of hair, big braids or ghana weaving or weave fixing packages all for as low as N1,100 sometimes. DealDeay will still take their cut o, so imagine what the service provider is left with. So really sometimes I cannot blame the service providers. They are often misguided on signing up for the deals and their poor service (though really foolish) is a reaction to the realisation of the bad deal they cut themselves. So I stick with product deals on DealDey and even those ones sef, I look very well before I leap. Not every deal is a deal on DealDey. On the plus side, I met my current salon through DealDey and I was impressed with the warmth of the owner and the service provided was good too, so much so that I made up my mind to go back and pay full price. I am now hooked and even though the location of her salon is slightly inconvenient for me, it is now my go-to salon.

  14. Chai una sorry o. This was a funny read i tell you, Sisi you try well well. Why didn't you and Dayteaser call Deal Dey for a refund? money hard to find a beg and you deserved to get whatever you gave in exchange for your money.

  15. What were you doing upstairs? The restaurant has its restroom downstairs....

  16. I also saw a review of Unusual Cuisine on TWP and decided to go there one evening. This was last year. I didnt mind not being able to locate the place easily but the food took forever and the waiter seemed not to know what he was doing. I actually asked for it to be wrapped up because it was getting too late. Bear in mind that I was the only customer being served there as the only other guests were all at one table and were eating already. Finally the food cane in 2 very small packs- I ordered banga rice and goat meat- the meat was chopped up into tiny indiscernible pieces,and consisted mainly of sauce, the rice was almost soggy. The two packs were supposed to come in their takeaway paperbag but they didnt fit so the waiter brought the bag seperately. LOL. Finally, he had me waiting another 30 minutes for change before the owner finally made change from his pocket. In the car, I tasted the rice and I was so disgusted I threw it away. And to imagine I paid N4,500 for it! Wild horses wont drag me there anymore.

    But the owner was a polite and pleasant person.


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