If you know me well, you'll know I'm quite obsessed with hair! I think that's the only part of dressing up I pay most attention to, who doesn't want gorgeous hair? Sometimes, I am my hair. 

When I received this hair from Beauty Xtraordinary I was very pleased: It's the pure and lush hair range, its so curly and pretty! I am not exaggerating if I say I get nothing less than 4 compliments a day, " your hair is nice" " is this aunty funmi's hair? " where did you get this hair? "is it human hair?"...questions, questions, questions! That's why I did a mini showcase of the hair on my YouTube Channel ( that's the video below). Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE by clicking HERE
  • Human Or Synthetic | It's human hair.
  • Density | It is silky soft, full of bounce but amazingly lightweight! I have in 300 grams.
  • Length | This is the shortest length, 8 inches, it goes up to 18 inches
  • How long I've worn it | This is my second week wearing it...laaav it!
  • Flexibility | This hair can be washed, curled, straightened,coloured, bleached!
  • Curly Pattern | It is big curls, but I usually finger comb mine so the curls just explode girly!
  • Tangling/Shedding | So far this hair has not tangled and no shedding, perhaps its because the wefts were not cut but I am very happy I don't have hair all over my house. 
  • Weave Or Wig | It is in a wig, I asked Beauty Xtraordinary to put it in a wig so I can still have time to treat my natural hair. So at your request they can create a wig for you with your weave or weave you buy from them.
  • Contact Details | Beauty Xtraordinary 08100285838 | | 12 Osho Street Opebi Link Road, Lagos | @beauty_xtra 


  1. Love your hair sisi. How much does it cost

  2. you no talk price o!! love the hair!!

  3. I called answer

  4. Thanks babe for the link, i got the hair and i'm loving and rocking it. Compliments are flying from all over the place

  5. this hair is looovely!

  6. The hair looks cute but how much is it? is it just me or does any1 else feel kinda bad when they ask for price and its beyond their price range?


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