Hello lovelies! What do I have on the menu today? It's Ojojo! I'll tell you about it in case you've never heard of it: first of all it's delicious! It's made with water yam and fried like akara... all authentic Ijebu people love it, just as they love Ikokore! The recipe for that one is coming soon. If you want to hook that ijebu guy, or you want to surprise your ijebu parents or friends, make them Ojojo toh gbona feli feli! My mom used to make it while I was younger so it reminds me of my childhood. You can choose to watch the video or read the recipe. Are you SUBSCRIBED to my YouTube Channel? Click HERE

Knorr Cube
Water Yam
Ground Crayfish
Chopped Onions
Chopped Fresh Pepper


  • Cut Water yam in  chunks, this makes it easier for you to grate
  • Peel water yam, rinse and grate into a bowl. This is the hard part and I don't like grating wateryam because it is slimy. You have to be careful not to cut yourself.
  • Chop fresh pepper (ata rodo) chop red onions in the tiniest bit possible.
  • Add chopped pepper, onions, ground crayfish, knorr and salt to the wateryam , then mix thoroughly.
  • Heat a pan of oil, if you have a deep fryer this is good too. 
  • Start adding lumps of wateryam to the hot oil (if the oil is hot enough the balls of wateryam should float)
  • Wait till its golden, then flip the ball of wateryam. 
  • Drain the oil and serve hot!


  1. hmmmm am goin to try dis. am not from ijebu though.

    By the way, Sisi Yemmie, i love ur blog, and a big fan of urs.

  2. Hi Sisi, wat can we use to eat ojojo.

  3. Why did you not just use a food processor to blend everything together much easier and quicker

  4. Ojojo...toh bad!

  5. Hello Sisi Yemmie, i'm an ardent reader of your blog and watch your videos but this is the first time commenting. I'm in Ghana by the way. Keep up the good work you are doing. We also have water yam and i dont like it much but thanks for sharing this recipe. I will give it a try one of these days and let you know how it turned out. kisses <3

  6. Sound familar let me try it
    snoop mini's blog

  7. We made this in my aunt's house when I was a student atFGGC Sagamu. The yam would be grated and those who wanted ojojo would get a portion and the rest would be made into ikokore. Good old days!!! I can't wait for your ikokore recipe.

  8. Sisi yemmi, ƔȭƱ forgot ţọ̥ mention that the wateryam should be smooth ǟƞδ finely after grating,its shldnt be coarsed in texture. It can be served with 'ijebu' garri soaked in ice water

  9. I've never tasted this before but it looks delicious! Never knew anything else could be done with water yam... I am definitely going to try this! Thanks sisiyemmie!

  10. Hanhan.. I tried it and it didn't look as delicious as it.. But I try sha

  11. I am married to an Ijebu man so I was taught how to prepare Ikokore.... it is the grating that discouraged me from preparing it and water yam itches me.....I don't know how to prepare ojojo... so thanks for this recipe.I would try it.

  12. Sisi I hope ikokore is next oh

  13. This reminds me too of my childhood,

  14. Ojojo of life! found it from bellanaija

  15. thougq i'm not ijebu's bt i so much like ojojo. In my house we eat it evry weekend.

  16. Ojojo .. it's being a long time. I almost got it right when you said to guess what you were cooking. I said ebiripo. For those that don't know what to do with wateryam, you can make ojojo (as above), ebiripo or godo (similar to making moinmoin) or ikokore (which takes on a new life the day after cooking it). 2nd day ikokore is the thing. As a bonafide ijebu girl, i grew up cooking these meals but the grating part I don't like. I don't think it comes out well if a blender is used.

    1. I meant been a long time. I need to get me some sleep.

  17. thanks for the good work ma.You didn't give the measurement of the ingredients for this wonderful recipe


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