Hiya! Hopefully you read yesterdays post, if you didn't then you need to click HERE just so you can see the lovely nude make up look I created with Khuraira Cosmetics... simply pretty!  I was given a goody bag filled with Khuraira products and I have been itching to show you guys... but I cannot do it all in one post, so you should expect a series of Khuraira posts on my blogs: Reviews and Make Up Tutorials... another reason you need to look out for them is that there will be a giveaway at the end of the don't want to miss that! 

Today we will focus on the lipsticks: I received four of them: 
  • Khuraira Diva Cream Lipstick
  • Khuraira Passion Lipstick
  • Khuraira Fetish Shimmer Lipstick
  • Khuriara Babydoll Lipstick

1. Khuraira Babydoll Lipstick is a purple violet colour... I am still trying to look for the best way to rock this colour. I think I will lightly brush it over my lipgloss the next time I use it. It is moisturizing and easy to apply. 
2. Khuraira Fetish Shimmer Lipstick is a purple colour, quite moisturising and not heavy to apply. It glides easily. To get the best results I had to outline my lips with a dark purple lip pencil and that's what created the definition.
 3. Khuraira Passion Creme Lipstick  is a velvety read, a rich deep red that I like. I have a thing for red lipsticks and you can never have too many. Like the others it is moisturizing and easy to apply.
 4. Khuraira Diva Lipstick is a coral red. I think this is my next favourite colour from what I was sent, I have never tried on a colour like this before so it was pretty to look at. Th'as what 's on the cover photo.


  1. I love d diva lipsticks,I gues its d one u used on d first pics cos it looks natural. Sent u a mail sisi via email.abiola williams

  2. Lovely colours, sisi looks so nice on your lips. I love it

  3. Niceeee... I like the purple colour.


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