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Thinking about what to eat every day can be tasking, so these are my go-to tips for Nigerian Meal Planning; you can download my extensive food time table HERE - you will get meal ideas and Inspo that will last you for months!

1 Soup per week - I choose Ogbono because the more you reheat it, the yummier it becomes, and a small portion of Ogbono seeds can make a big pot of Ogbono Soup. Make plain Ogbono soup, then store in the freezer. Whenever you want to heat it up, add fresh vegetables like Uziza leaves and Thank me later. On the final day, add okra and it's like fresh soup. 

If you have time, you can make Akara/Moin Moin - 1 cup of beans can make enough Akara or Moin Moin. Unless you want to purchase. N100 Naira Akara and Bread N100/150 will do the job.

Staples for food should include: Yam, Milk, Eggs, Noodles, Garri, Bread, Custard, Oil, Rice, Pasta, Salt, Sugar. 

Add Tomato Puree to your stew to make it thicker and go a long way. This tip will come in handy when Tomatoes is scarce. Did you know you can also make delicious Jollof with only Tomatoes Puree (aka tin tomatoes?) You're welcome!

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